Visit 3rd Street!

Are you also sick and tired of missing that Celine that you have been wishing for for so long? Not wearing those Louboutin pumps you imagined wearing New Years Eve? The 3rd Street is the remedy for these frustrations, and is born out of them. 3rd Street is an app, which will make high-end shopping easier for the busy but fashion minded woman. The app aims to bring the customer and the boutique closer together, by making new styles, events etc. available online, via the app. It is the idea that the customer will be able to find the desired item on the app, and then go to the boutique and try it on, as opposed to ordering it online. 3rd Street was launched on November 4th and is available on AppStore now. The young entrepeneur Frederikke Nissen is the woman behind the app, and we at 9PR have talked to her about her thoughts and inspirations behind 3rd Street.3rd_street_frederikke_atelier_A5What is the inspiration behind 3rd Street? "My inspiration actually came from my own personal frustrations about keeping up to date with news, events and arrival of new styles. I was tired of missing out on all the beautiful styles, that had sold out, and generally feeling a lack of insight into the top news from my favorite shops. These news always got lost in my mail inbox, and I never really got to read them. It seemed even more difficult to navigate through the vast flow of information that quite sporadically is presented via sites such as Instagram, Facebook, magazines and various websites. 3rd Street is my attempt at offering women who are experiencing the same frustrations as I an alternative - a little haven where news and inspiration from all your favorite boutiques are offered and easily available." What is the reason behind the need for such an app?"We are using increasingly more time online, and especially on smartphones where we find information and inspiration about fashion. This is why it seemed obvious to offer an app, where fashion conscious people are able to find this information at one place, without having to navigate through various websites. 3rd Street serves as a digital shopwindow for the boutiques, where they are able to inspire and showcase their styles. In connection to this, 3rd street aims at bringing the customer back into the shops, not just ordering the item online, which is a side effect of the increased digitalization. 3rd Street helps at bringing the customer and the shop together."UnknownSo ladies, do yourselves the favor and try out the app! It is free, it is available on AppStore and it is smooth and beautiful to work with! And did I mention the very impressive list of shops that are cooperating with Frederikke Nissen and 3rd Street? Just to give you a tease and to name a few: Kassandra, Holly Golightly, Bruuns Bazaar, Stig P, Companys Original, Stella McCartney and much more. Download the app now, and find the entire list!