NEYE since 1881 by Jørgen Simonsen event

On Thursday the 7th of November, 9PR hosted a big event to launch the very interesting design fusion between NEYE and the internationally acknowledged haute couture designer Jørgen Simonsen. The story behind the cooperation is quite interesting, and startet at a christmas party where Camilla Raffnsøe - CEO of NEYE - and Jørgen Simonsen met and talked about anything and everything. Jørgen Simonsen agreed to design a collection for NEYE, and the result is captivating, luxurious and practical all at the same time. This post will take you through the event, and show you who showed up to see the beautiful collection.2013-11-07 12.31.04 (2)All day was dedicated the NEYE event, and everybody pitched in to make sure that everything was perfect. Nazanin from NEYE is helping with the unpacking of all the bags.2013-11-07 17.05.01 (2)Here you see some of the bags from the beautiful collection. Every little detail you see is handmade, and the look of the bags are the perfect compromise between the haute couture style of Jørgen Simonsen and the typical Danish and Scandinavian practicality. Many of our favorite stylists, journalists and bloggers showed up to take a look on the exciting cooperation.2013-11-07 16.57.38 (2)Stylist Barbara Gullstein visited, along with her beautiful son Milo.2013-11-07 17.03.36 (2)Chris Pedersen from Cover was among the guests, and ejoyed the collection where some of the bags can be used by men also.2013-11-07 17.20.09 (2)From Eurowoman we had Fashion Editor Gertrud Bønnelykke and Web Editor Miriam Meyer.2013-11-07 17.24.02 (2)Camilla Louise Høg from Euroman also checked out the collection, with special interest in the unisex bags.2013-11-07 17.09.25 (2)Here we have the beautiful blogger Celine Albert.2013-11-07 17.08.58 (2)Fashion editor at Femina; Vibeke Nielsen was happy to come and hear more about the collaboration and the inspiration behind.2013-11-07 17.07.40 (2)Assistant to stylist Sille Henning, Nanna Lindskow arrived to check out the collection.2013-11-07 17.10.35 (2)Blogger Funda from along with Cecilie Philipsen.2013-11-07 17.19.02 (2)Web Editor at Costume, Trine Oehlenschlæger also guested the event.2013-11-07 17.05.20 (2)Here we have stylist Sofia Astby, along with Nomi Tuwel from Nordic Style Mag.2013-11-07 17.21.49 (2)Team Tromborg came to congratulate both NEYE and Jørgen Simonsen with the colaboration.2013-11-07 17.56.05 (2)Blogger Emilie Delance also came to see the the beautiful collection.2013-11-07 17.35.08 (2)When everybody had arrived, Camilla and Jørgen told the story behind the colaboration, and explained the process from idea, to design, to production. Jørgen explained how his aesthetic culture, derived from his 22 years as a resident in Paris, was fused with the scandivian minimalism, which was not always easy. Jørgen Simonsen's vision for the collection is that a bag should not always be able to be tucked onto a bike, and survive a trip in the windy Danish weather. He calls for a more luxurious aesthetic, which is well interpreted into his collection by the use of python and fur from Danish mink. The bags are produced in Italy by one of Jørgen Simonsen's best friends, and many of the bags are named after his friends from Denmark and more specifically, from his hometown Struer.2013-11-07 17.25.48 (2)After the presentation it was time for the guests to see, feel and to transfer the words and the story into the bags.2013-11-07 18.01.35 (2)Here we have the designer, Jørgen Simonsen caught in a moment where he is explaining the collection for team Eurowoman, Gertrud and Miriam.til blogAnd if you havn't already read the article from Friday's Børsen, make sure to do it! This article will give you an even more in debth idea about the man behind the NEYE since 1881 by Jørgen Simonsen, which is in stores today!