9PR 4 year birthday bash!

As written in the previous post, 9PR turned four years old on Friday the 1st of November, and to celebrate accordingly, we had a big birthday party at our new premises at Amagertorv 24. The party was a celebration of both the new premises - a housewarming - and our birthday, so as you can imagine the spirits were high! We partied hard at Amagertorv, and then we all went to club Sunday to party even harder. This post will take you through all the people who came to congratulate and celebrate us!

2013-11-01 14.34.20 (2)All though it was our birthday, we had a more or less normal working day, only interrupted by lovely people congratulating us! Among these were team Cover with Malene Malling, Chris Pedersen and Gry Sofie. They brought the most beautiful bouquet and some bubbles, which we tested right away. It was delicious!2013-11-01 13.05.18 (2)2013-11-01 13.06.04 (2)Team Ganni stopped by with a present for us, and oh how we love presents! Ganni gave us this beautiful rug, which is now resting in our office. We cannot wait to warm our feet on it when winter comes!Emil ThouurEmil Thorup also came by during the day, to congratulate us, and to borrow this exquisite bag from Jørgen Simonsen by NEYE.ELle pigerneThe sweet girls from ELLE, Josephine and Johanne, visited to shoot a coming budget series for the magazine in our new pink conference room. We are excited to see how it turned out!2013-11-01 20.57.27 (2)2013-11-01 20.58.26 (2)At around 20.45 everything was just about ready for our guests. All day we had Peter and Charlotte from Kastrup Design helping out with the decor for the party. We had a lot of alcohol that needed to be cooled, and Kastrup Design offered the perfect solution. These globes made from plexiglass, showcased and cooled our drinks at the same time. The lovely wine was delivered by Kjær & Sommerfeldt and the beer from Carlsberg, and it looked great in the globes!little miraWe had the delicious Drink Little Miracles lined up, to remind our guests to drink one of these between every alcoholic drink ;) everybody returned home safely.2013-11-01 21.24.16 (2) The first people arrived, and Storm & Marie is well represented by Kristine, Line, Kim and Mette. They were quick to find our welcome drinks, which was the delicious Aperol, delivered by HansJust!2013-11-01 21.29.18 (2)The beautiful girls Misse from Misse Mai, and Feodora from Self Care shop are looking great whilst enjoying a drink.2013-11-01 21.36.13 (2)Quickly more and more people arrived, and the anticipation was slowly released..2013-11-01 21.44.29 (2)Whilst more people arrived. Here are stylist Sille Henning along with her assistant Nanna Lindskow.TheaRikke, assistant to Pernille Teisbæk and Thea from GrenaaBuchard also joined  the celebration.2013-11-01 21.56.02 (2)And of course some our favorite bloggers; here we have Mie from WeWonder, Emily from EmilySalomon and Maria from Styleintuition.2013-11-01 21.56.25 (2)Followed by Lily Silwer from Beyondblack, next to Funda from byFunda.2013-11-01 21.56.37 (2)Morten Babré from The Old Barber Shop stopped by to congratulate us on our birthday. His jewellery line, Old Barbar Jewellery, will be launched very soon, so remember to check it out when it hits the market.2013-11-01 22.10.33 (2)Sweet Clara Matz from Eurowoman, our own Nina and Trine from Cover had a blast at the party!2013-11-01 22.11.34 (2)Team Elle came back to party with us, and here are fashion assistent Line, fashion editor Josephine, next to Anna and Catrine from Samsøe&Samsøe.2013-11-01 22.21.57 (2)Our Showroom Manager Kristine, is chatting with team Tusnelda Bloch, Nikolaj and Anne Sofie.2013-11-01 22.26.50 (2)Costume magazine was well represented at the party, and here are assisting fashion editor Thora Valdimarsdottir, along with beauty editor Anne Mønsted.SofieNanna Lindskow, our own intern Sofie and Kenneth from Sand, enjoyed the cooled white wine from Kjær & Sommerfeldt and Leffe beer from Carlsberg.2013-11-01 23.00.08 (2)Trine Kjær from Cover was so happy to meet Martin Brygman, and they seemed to have a great time!MigOur own intern Nina, along with our Showroom coordinator Nanna also had time to enjoy a cold drink!2013-11-01 23.01.31 (2)Team Ganni set the party on fire! Joy, high spirits and not least a lot of dancing!! Not long after the arrival of these beautiful people, it was time to turn out the lights at our beautiful new premises and go to club Sunday.Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from club Sunday. But then again, maybe that's a good thing!? What we can say though, from our aching heads on Saturday, is that it was a long, fun and wet evening and night!Thank you SO much for taking an evening off to celebrate with us, and thank you for your lovely presents! All love goes out to all of you <3