Stylish Danish Girls

We have found a couple of our favourite outfits from last week.

Take a look of these cool danish girls wearing our brands.


Laura Tønder in pants from Rabens Saloner


Alberte Whitta with ADAX bag


Marie My with boots from Bianco


Caroline Plummer in pants from Graumann


Michelle Nielsen in set from Envii


Maria Jernov in Adidas pants


Julie Pallesen in sweatshirt from Just Female

Good Friday Girls!

Get the style: Julia Sarr Jamois

Hi you guys, We have become aware of this beauty! When it comes to street style eye candy, the willowy young woman Julia Sarr Jamois is one of the new girls to look for. She is only 23 years old, and already fashion editor at the British Wonderland Magazine and previous model for Diesel and Fred Perry. She is known for her perfect Afro hair and unique mixture of denim, color and accessories. The half-Senegalese, half-French girl absolutely knows how to dress. With her big beautiful Afro hair, she can make everything look good. She sticks to a few key items like boyfriend jeans, sneakers and the gentleman's coat, and then mixes it with unexpected patterns and colors. She is not afraid to stand out and wear loud colors. How does she do it? We found some gorgeous items to get the Julia Sarr Jamois look.NY Julia1 JEANS from Envii DKK 500. COAT from Sand DKK 3799. SHOES from Asos DKK 600. BAG from Adax DKK 2499. T-SHIRT from Envii DKK 220. BRACELET from Carré DKK 950. BELT from Baum und Pferdgarten DKK 400. NY - Julia4COAT from Gestuz DKK 1999,95. KNIT from Storm & Marie DKK 1199. JEANS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 700. BAG from Adax DKK 999. SHOES from Billi Bi DKK 1499. NAILPOLISH from Formular X from Sephora DKK 100. Ny Julia2T-SHIRT from Suit DKK 199.  SHOES from Asos DKK 600. SCARF from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 700. PANTS from Munthe DKK 1599. COAT from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 2500. BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 6999. Have a great sunny day!Xx

Get the style: Freja Beha's "Black in Black"

Hey guys!It is a very popular trend today, to wear tone on tone outfits. A great and always popular way of doing this is choosing black in black. Black has a way of always looking very stylish and gorgeous. We just love it! As you probably know, the gorgeous danish model and former muse of Karl Lagerfeld, Freja Beha is a style icon to many. She has a style dominated by black and dark grey, leather and great details. She knows how to ad striking details like biker boots and red lips to an outfit, and thereby making it that much more interesting. We absolutely adore her sense of style and her way of mixing different black and grey shades! We have chosen three street style pictures of Freja Beha for inspiration. Take a look at how you could create your own signature black in black style like Freja Beha.  etLEATHER JACKET from Gestuz DKK 2999,95. T-SHIRT from Suit DKK 299. CARDIGAN from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 1100. PANTS from Five Units DKK 599. BAG from Amust DKK 449. BOOTS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 1400. EARRINGS from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 650. NAIL POLISH from Formula X from Sephora DKK 100.  treSHIRT from Custommade DKK 1499. LEATHER JACKET from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 3000. PANTS from Gestuz DKK 3999. PURSE from Adax DKK 999. RING from Carré DKK 2300. RING from Carré DKK 2950. EARRINGS from Carré DKK 3500. LIP BALM from Sephora DKK 75.  toBLOUSE from An Ounce DKK 1000. PANTS from Gestuz DKK 3999,95. DKK 700. JACKET from An Ounce DKK 1800. BOOTS from Amust DKK 999. NECKLACE from RebekkaRebekka DKK 900. EARRINGS from RebekkaRebekka DKK 450. LIPSTICK from Sephora DKK 120.  We hope you enjoyed our style input of the day! xxx 9PR

Get the style: Blake Lively

Hi all you lovely people! This week we got inspired by the beautiful American actress and model Blake Lively! You properly all know her as the rich upper class girl Serena van der Woodsen from the popular show Gossip Girl - but she is not just a successful actress, she is also a well-known fashion icon. Blake always looks absolutely stunning and very feminine, even when she is wearing a casual outfit with a hat, knitwear and leggings. That’s probably also what landed her the job as a campaign girl for both Gucci and Chanel. Like us, you may adore Blake's very distinct and feminine style, and below you can get an idea of how to get the style as we have picked out some of her greatest outfits for you to be inspired by.BlakeLively2 LEATHER PANTS from Gestuz DKK 3999. KNITWEAR from Envii DKK 400. TOP from WHIITE DKK 599. FUR BAG from Adax DKK 3999. SHOES from Tiger of Sweden DKK 1500. NECKLACE from Carré DKK 490. RING from Old Barbershop (price on inquiry).Blake Lively3SHIRT from AJ. 117 Project DKK 699. JACKET from Custommade DKK 1499. PANTS from Custommade DKK 1199. BAG from Adax 1599. SHOES from Hugo Boss DKK 7999. MASCARA from Sephora DKK 140. NAILPOLISH from Sephora DKK 45. NECKLACE from RebekkaRebekka DKK 1000. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 700. Blake Lively1PANTS from Julie Brandt DKK 1299. TOP from Julie Brandt DKK 499. BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 12999. STILETTOS from Billi Bi DKK 1099. EARRINGS from Carré DKK 590. NECKLACE from Carré DKK 1800. NAILPOLISH Formula X from Sephora DKK 100.   Hope you feel as inspired by her outfits as we do. Have a great sunny day! Xx 9pr

The perfect Distortion outfit

Distortion is around the corner - to be exact it's already this Wednesday - and we just can't wait for the street festival to begin! Here at the office we are already starting to deliberate about what we're going to wear, and in that relation, we have put two perfect outfits together for you. The dress is beautiful yet comfortable and is great for the amazing weather we have had the last couple of days. Combined with all the leather and fringes it gets a cool edge - which is something you just need when going to Distortion! ;) Well, that's definitely what we would love to wear during the festival.distortionJACKET from MDK DKK 3499. DRESS from Munthe DKK 1799. EARRINGS from Carré DKK 1400. BAG from Savannah Wild DKK 3495 found at Caompanys Original. BOOTS from Boss Orange DKK 2099. HAT from Gestuz DKK 400.DISTORTION2 CAP from Shourouk found at Company's Original DKK 4800. TOP from BRACELET from Emilio Pucci found at DKK 3276. NECKLACE from Just Female DKK 299. LONG SKIRT from Just Female DKK 499. BAG from ESPADRILLOS from Samsoe & Samsoe DKK 1600.We hope you'll enjoy the city, the music and all the amazing people - maybe we'll see you out there. :)  

Get the Kate Moss style!

Happy Friday guys! Well, we think it's time for some style inspiration once again and this Friday we have chosen - maybe the ultimate style icon of all times - Kate Moss. She is the essence of classic, cool bohemian rock-chick and we have chosen some of her recent and greatest outfits, so you can see how you can copy her style in the best way. The outfits are perfect for the warm summer nights and we just want to drop everything and go shopping for our new summer wardrobe! Maybe you feel the same way? :)katemoss1JACKET from Envii DKK 600. LEATHER PANTS from Gestuz DKK 2000. T-SHIRT from Munthe DKK 599. BAG from Adax DKK 2199. STILETTOS from Sand DKK 2195. EARRINGS from RebekkaRebekka DKK 550. NECKLACE from RebekkaRebekka DKK 900. katemoss2JACKET from Storm & Marie DKK 1199, SHOES from Robert Clergerie DKK 3052 found at PANTS from Joseph DKK 1679 found at T-SHIRT from 3.1 Phillip Lim DKK 1709 found at BELT from Baum und Pherdgarten DKK 399. BAG from Hugo BossDKK 5799. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 825. NECKLACE from Just Female DKK 79. katemossSHIRT from Suit DKK 499. T-SHIRT from Gestuz DKK 400. JEANS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 700. BELT from Gestuz  DKK 600. CLUTCH from Whiite DKK 1299. BOOTS from Billi Bi DKK 1499. EARRINGS from Charlotte Lebeck per piece DKK 400. BRACELET from RebekkaRebekka  DKK 950. Hope you feel as inspired by her outfits as we do! Have an amazing weekend everyone <3  

Get the Medina style!

Hi everyone! Now there's less than a week to Elle Style Award, and we just can't wait! :) In this occasion we have found our style inspiration from the three women nominated for the Style Icon 2014. Today we'll share the last, but definitely not least of the three - the beautiful singer Medina. Medina is always looking very elegant and her style is feminine with a twist that makes her stand out. We have picked out some of her greatest outfits so you can be inspired on how you can dress up, perhaps at some of the parties you are attending this weekend :)MEDINA2CARDIGAN from Custommade DKK 899. TOP from Custommade DKK 599. PANTS from Julie Brandt DKK 1599. BAG from Whiite DKK 1299. STILETTOS from Rupert Sanderson DKK 3873 found at EARRINGS from Pico DKK 1000. POINTY RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 600. BRACELET from Pico DKK 350. PEARL RING from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 600. MEDINA1JACKET from An Ounce DKK 2000. TOP from TUSNELDA BLOCH Copenhagen DKK 900. PANTS from TUSNELDA BLOCH Copenhagen DKK 1400. NECKLACE from Shourouk DKK 4992 found at RING from Carré DKK 1200. BAG from Adax by Carin Wester DKK 1999. STILETTOS from Notabene DKK 1600. MEDINA3SHIRT from Julie Brandt DKK 999. SKIRT from Giambattista Valli DKK 4619 DKK found at BAG from Adax DKK 999. STILETTOS from Sergio Rossi DKK 5366 DKK found at NECKLACE from Just Female DKK 249. BRACELET from Pico DKK 175. Now we have showed how you can get all the three fashionable women's style and we just can't wait to see who wins, cause we absolutely love their different styles. If you would like to get your style inspiration from one of the two other girls, just follow these links Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Pernille Teisbæk. Have an amazing day guys. See you soon! <3

Get the Caroline Brasch Nielsen style!

Hi guys, Now it's Friday once again! :) And as we promised you last Friday, we are finding our style inspiration from the three women who are nominated as this years Style Icon at the Elle Awards. This week we picked out three outfits by model Caroline Brasch Nielsen. She is great a matching beautiful animal prints and denim outfits. She has a bit of a girly and tomboy attitude, which we juuust love.caroline1SHIRT from Custommade DKK 999. BAG from Salvatore Ferragamo DKK 5216 found at STILETTOS from Gisueppe Zanotti DKK 3620 found at BRACELET from Pico DKK 200. JEANS from Fiveunits DKK 699. caroline2SHIRT from Custommade DKK 1399. SKIRT from Gestuz 500. BRACELETS from Pico per piece DKK 150. SINGLE BRACELET from Pico DKK 200. BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 7999. SHOES from Amust DKK 899. caroline3JACKET from Muubaa DKK 3500 found at Companys Original. JUMPSUIT from Just Female DKK 599. CARDIGAN from Envii DKK 400. BAG from Maison Martin Margiela DKK  9916 found at BOOTS from Gestuz DKK 1700. We are just crazy about her style and we hope you feel inspired yourselves. If you love Medina's style as well please check out our blog next Friday when we will show you how you can get the amazing singers style. Have a great weekend! <3

Get the Pernille Teisbæk style!

Happy Friday everyone! :) The next three Fridays we will focus on the three beautiful women nominated at Elle Style Award this year, for the award: Style Icon of the year. The award show is held May 19th. The nominees are Medina, Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Pernille Teisbæk and we have picked out some of their outfits so you can get inspired on how you can dress like the fashionable girls. This Friday's inspiration comes from stylist and blogger Pernille Teisbæk. She is not afraid to combine different shapes and proportions and mix it with beautiful patterns and prints. The three outfits we have pulled out really shows what Pernille Teisbæk's style is all about.pernille2BLAZER from An Ounce DKK 1200. BRACELET from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 3574 found at SHOES from Alexander Wang DKK 4900 found at Notabene. BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 2599. JEANS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 700. SHIRT from Gestuz DKK 600. KNIT from Nué Notes DKK 1000 found at Companys Original. RING from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 600. pernille1JACKET from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 2500. T-SHIRT from Won Hundred DKK 300. NECKLACE from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 1634 found at SKIRT from Storm & Marie DKK 699. BRACELET from Pico DKK 350. HAT from Gestuz DKK 400. STILETTOS from Billi Bi DKK 999. BAG from Adax by Carin Wester DKK 1299. RING from Carré DKK 7200. pernille3COAT from Valentino DKK 52088 found at PANTS from Julie Brandt DKK 2999. T-SHIRT from Gestuz DKK 350. BAG from Neye DKK 1596. SHOES from Billi Bi DKK 799. EARRINGS from Pico DKK 200. We hope you feel inspired and remember to check out our blog next Friday when we will show you, how you can look like Caroline Brasch Nielsen. Have a great weekend! <3

Get the Coachella style!

Hi guys!As some of you might know, the Californian music festival Coachella took place a couple of days ago in sunny Cali. In that occasion hosted a VIP event, where many celebrities  and fashionable guests joined the barbecue pool party. Pssst... If you want to read more about this event, check it out here at and Here at the showroom, we have been super exited to see all the fashionistas at Coachella, to get an impression on how to dress for the Danish festival season. We have picked out three outfits for you, so you can get some inspiration on how you can dress at all the festivals this summer. Vanessa Hudgens had a lot of great looks during the festival - this is our favorite .coachella2DRESS from Etro DKK 5860 found at HAT from Gestuz DKK 400. LEATHER BRA from Gestuz DKK 600. BAG from Gestuz DKK 800. BOOTS from Notabene DKK 2800. NECKLACE from Just Female DKK 99. BRACELETS from Pico per piece DKK 150. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 750. Here Kendall Jenner is looking beautiful in an all black outfit.coachella1KIMONO from Just Female DKK 799. TOP from Won Hundred DKK 450. SHORTS from Stella Nova DKK 899. SANSDALS from Valentino DKK 4629 found at NECKLACE from Carré DKK 740. RING from Carré DKK 500. NAIL POLISH from Fnug DKK 125 found at The model Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing a very feminine outfit and a lot of beautiful accessories.coachella3DRESS from TUSNELDA BLOCH DKK 800. SCARF from Amust DKK 249. BOOTS from Rag & Bone DKK 4216 found at BAG from Campomaggi DKK 3500. BRACELETS from Pico per piece DKK 150. NECKLACE from Exclusive by Amust DKK 400. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 600. We must admit, that this festival is one of the best looking! and our fingers are itching with temptation to book the tickets to go join Coachella next summer!! All the best,Team 9PR <3

Get the Poppy Delevingne style

Hi guys!Now it's finally Easter! We're looking forward to a couple of days off and rumour says that the weather is going to be amazing during the weekend! :) Before we all go away for the holiday we want to share a Get The Style post with you. Todays inspiration comes from the British model Poppy Delevingne who's a true fashionista. She isn't afraid to try out new tendencies and what you can count on from her style is that she always pulls off looking amazing. These outfits really shows her best and we hope you'll feel inspired on how you can dress like her and maybe use it the next couple of days :)poppy1DRESS from A.J. Project DKK 899. FUR VEST from A.J. Project DKK 2499. BAG from Campomaggi DKK 3300. NECKLACE from Shourouk DKK 7156 found at BRACELET from RebekkaRebekka DKK 1250. BOOTS from Notabene DKK 2100. poppy2JACKET from MDK DKK 1499. TOP from Storm & Marie DKK 499. SKIRT from Nioi DKK 599. BELT from Etro DKK 1858 found at BOOTS from Rag & Bone DKK 2943 found at poppy4SHIRT from Costummade DKK 899. SKIRT from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 3201 found at EARRINGS from Carré DKK 3500. BRA from Gestuz DKK 500. BAG from Adax DKK 1499. STILETTOS from Sergio Rossi DKK 4171 found at  Have a great holiday everyone and happy Easter <3 

Get the Miranda Kerr style

Hi everyone,Today we are inspired by one of the hottest supermodels right now, Miranda Kerr. She always looks beautiful and feminine and her style is a combination of girly and sexy. She loves boots, large bags, shirts, leather and pretty dresses and skirts. The three outfits provides a comprehensive insight into her lovely style expression.miranda3 DRESS from Munthe DKK 1699. SHIRT from Equipment DKK 2050 found at Companys Original.  BAG from Neye DKK 2495. SANDALS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 600. SILVER RINGS from Just Female DKK 119. MULTICOLOR RING from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 600. EARRINGS from Carré DKK 2300. miranda1JACKET from Gestuz DKK 1000. SHIRT from Just Female DKK 399. SKIRT from Valentino RED DKK 2455 found at BOOTS from MDK DKK 1399. TOTE BAG from Littau Cph DKK 899. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 800. HAT from Gestuz DKK 400. miranda2JACKET from Gestuz DKK 2499. SHIRT from Joseph DKK 2201 found at SHORTS from Rag & Bone DKK 4030 found at BOOTS from Givenchy DKK 7500 found at BAG from Ganni DKK 1499. PEARL RING from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 600. RING from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 450. Happy Friday! <3

Get the Olivia Palermo style

Todays inspiration comes from the American style icon Olivia Palermo. No matter what she wears she always looks really pretty and feminine. It's admirable how she isn't afraid of using and mixing patterns and textures - so today we'll try to give you some examples on how you bring her style in to your own wardrobe.olivia2 JACKET from MSGM DKK 4750 found at SHIRT from Moschino CC DKK 3201 found at SHORTS from Gestuz DKK 600. BAG from Burberry London found at DKK 8917. BOOTS from Toga Pulla DKK 2800 found at RING with stone from Carré DKK 3200. RING with rock from Just Female DKK 199. olivia1JACKET from MDK found at CPH Fashion Pool  DKK 1999. EARRINGS from Carré DKK 2700. TOP from Won Hundred DKK 900. SKIRT from Whiite DKK 999. BOOTS from Ganni DKK 1499. CLUTCH from Neye DKK 199. BELT from Sand DKK 699. olivia3 JACKET from Just Female DKK 1299. SHIRT from Samsøe & Samsøe Man DKK 600. KNIT from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 600. JEANS from Gestuz DKK 800. BAG from Strellson DKK 1800. STILETTOS from Sergio Rossi DKK 3433 found at All these colors and patterns really calls for spring! Let's hope the weather will get more sunny soon - but until then you can dress yourself in these outfits and jump the gun a little. ;) Love 9PR <3

Get the Emanuelle Alt style

The beautiful French Vogue Editor Emanuelle Alt always look super cool in her low waisted pants and loose fitted shirts combined with high boots and heels.  This winter and spring she's been wearing a lot of amazing jackets and worn them casually with a belt in her waist - we here at the office are crazy about the look! Here we have three of our favorite looks from 2014. Get inspired by the über cool and feminine Parisienne style.emanuelle1SHIRT from Gestuz DKK 700. PANTS from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 4993 found at BELT from Sand DKK 1995. STILETTOS from Hugo Boss DKK 2599. GOLD BRACELET from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 3574 found at  SMALL BRACELET from La Mome Bijou DKK 500 found at Companysoriginal.comemanuelle3JACKET from Storm & Marie DKK 1499. SWEATSHIRT from TUSNELDA BLOCH DKK 1300. PANTS from Joseph DKK 1679 found at SCARF from Just Female DKK 449. BELT from Ganni DKK 399. BOOTS from Notabene DKK 2400.emanuelle2JACKET from AJ.117 Project DKK 1899. SHIRT from Storm & Marie DKK 699. JEANS from Won Hundred DKK 900. BELT from Gestuz DKK  600. STILETTOS from Notabene DKK 1600. GOLD BRACELET from Carré DKK 2100. BLACK BRACELET from Exclusive by Amust DKK 160. We hope you will be as inspired as we are by the French style icon! :)Happy Tuesday to all of you <3

Get the Rosie Huntington Whiteley style

Spring is just around the corner now! Even though it's a bit cold these days our minds are set for warmer days. Today we have found some inspiration from the lovely model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is always looking great in her slick boho style. She loves skinny jeans, leather, boots and large handbags. We have chosen some of our favorite outfits to give you some inspiration on how you can copy her style.rosie1The kimono is an absolute musthave this season and will look great with a more casual t-shirt look - and of cause leather leggings are always super cool no matter what! KIMONO from Anna Sui DKK 2201 found at BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 4799. T-SHIRT from Just Female DKK 299. Leather LEGGINGS from MDK DKK  7500. Boots from Notabene DKK 2100.rosie2This look is so pretty. The loose fitted pants and shirt are perfect combined with heels and golden jewelry and makes this outfit work for both day and night. SHIRT from Equipment DKK 2050 found at PANTS from Munthe plus Simonsen DKK 1499. STILETTOS from Rupert Sanderson DKK 3873 found at BAG from Munthe plus Simonsen DKK 1499. BRACELET from Pico.rosie3This outfit is great for work since it's both casual and classic. The combination of colors makes it stand out and makes you think of warmer days. JACKET from Sand DKK 2595. T-SHIRT from M. Wiesneck DKK 550. BRACELET with eye from Carré DKK 590. BRACELET from Pico DKK 200. JEANS from Fiveunits DKK 699. BOOTS from Billi Bi DKK 1499. BAG from Burberry London DKK 9328 found at We hope you can use these pick-outs to update your wardrobe and give you some new inspiration and energy. We wish you a happy Thursday from us here at the office at 9PR. <3 :)

Get the Look from Elin Kling

Here at 9PR we are longing for those hot summer days wearing nothing but a pair of loose fitted  jeans and a t-shirt. However, as we are still in the middle of February, we look for outfit inspiration both for indoor weather and for those lovely days when the sun peeks out through the clouds. This week our inspiration comes from the Swedish superblogger Elin Kling, who seems to know exactly what to wear no matter what type of weather!elinkling1

Graphic silhouettes and striped prints are popular among many of our brands in the showroom right now. This long printed skirt is from Won Hundred's SS14 collection (DKK 1000) and is perfectly combined with a white tube top like this one from Just Female (DKK 99) and a pair of flats, these ones from Amust (DKK 599). For the evening, we suggest to put on a bit more edgy jewellery, like these pairs of earrings in oxidized silver from Charlotte Lebeck (DKK 800) and the chunky signét ring from The Old Barber Shop Jewellery (Contact for price). Wear a smaller, minimalistic bag or clutch to complete the outfit like this classic style from Markberg (DKK 499).


A white blazer feels like a definitely must-have this upcoming spring, and we just love this one from Sand (DKK 2995). It's perfect to wear just as a jacket on sunny days and works great with light blue colors. If you want to add some edge to the look, wear it with bleached denim and a pair of heels just as Elin. We would choose these high waisted ones from FiveUnits (DKK 699) which are perfect to combine with heels like these ones is in a pastel color from Billi Bi (DKK 999). To get achieve this monochrome look, we added a small clutch from Tiger of Sweden (DKK 800) also in a lovely pastel color and one of our favorite accessories right now, the Eye Necklace from Carré's SS14 collection (DKK 690).

Hope you all got some new inspiration and energy, we wish you a great Wednesday, from the team here at 9PR!