Moroccanoil Style Lounge CPHFW SS19


Copenhagen Fashion week SS19 was celebrated in bright sunlight like never seen before in Denmark. Here at the 9PR showroom we had the pleasure of welcoming six influencers for two days of morning styling events with Moroccanoil.

The influencers were treated with beautiful, individual stylings by Salon Support stylists to match their inspiring outfits and personal style – from sleek up-do’s to romantic soft waves and classic straight hair styles.

At the styling event we served Moroccanoil-blue spirulina breakfast bowls from 42RAW, iced coffee and organic orange juice in customized to-go cups with Moroccanoil 10thanniversary logos. Moroccanoil celebrates ten years of innovation with argan infused haircare this year – can you believe it’s been 10 years already since we first experienced the Moroccanoil Treatment oil?

As an extra treat for Copenhagen Fashion week we had two customized white Volkswagen Tiguan cars with Moroccanoil logos waiting for the influencers to take them safely to every show and venue during CPHFW the 8th and 9th of August.


Jeanette Madsen 


Thora Valdimars getting ready by Salon Support's stylist Lene 


Cooling Moroccanoil-blue spirulina bowls from 42RAW


Organic orange juice served in Moroccanoil 10th anniversary to-go cups


Amalie Fischer 


Karoline Dall


Maria Jernov


Laura Tønder, Maria Jernov, Amalie Fischer & Karoline Dall


Croissants, 42RAW spirulina bowls and coffee in Moroccanoil to-go cups. Breakfast is served! 


Emili Sindlev ready to go in the customized Volkswagen Tiguan and gifted with Moroccanoil touch-up products for the day 


Emili Sindlev


Amalie Fischer getting soft waves by Salon Support's stylist Lene 


Thora Valdimars


Karoline Dall & Emili Sindlev styled by Salon Support's stylist Christina & Camilla 

Thank you for two great days during Copenhagen Fashion Week and a special thank you to the team from Salon Support, Volkswagen Denmark and 42RAW for making these days extra special.

xx 9PR

Event // 9PR 7 Year Birthday!

Hi all you lovely people - Here's a little friday throwback,

9PR turned seven years on Friday the 1st of November, and to celebrate accordingly, we had a big birthday party last Friday here at 9PR.

The birthday party was held at our showroom, wine was servered by Alex and Niels, drinks was made by our friend Søren and a delicious buffet was delivered from LeLe. We had a blast at the showroom and later we all went to Chateau Motel to continue the party ;)

This post will take you through the evening and all the lovely people who came to congratulate and celebrate us! Your support means the world to us, so a BIG thanks to all of you!!






For the kids we had arranged a candy buffet.



Blogger Katrine Krogh and Mie Quist.


Hanne and Abelone from Graumann Design.


Elisa Lykke and Alf.


Lou from Spalt and our own Cindie.


Sweet girls from Hugo Boss.


Lovely team Maanesten.


Beautybloggers Karina and Nelle.


Naja and Pia.


Our own lovely Nina with Martin.


We had the pleasure to have Martin Baltzer as DJ


Team Frenzy.


Maria Angelova and her sweet daugther.


Lindi and Dorthe from Q.


Nikolaj and Mads Emil from Dossier.


Sara, Martin and Mads.


Fashionexpert Lotte Freddie and Jens from Darling Creative Studio.


Katrine from Stolbjerg and stylist Priscilla.


Team Søndag.


Philip from Elle and Ann Linn from Go' morgen Danmark.


Stylist Graham with his husband and personal trainer Joanna.


If you want to see even more pictures from the night, follow @9PR on Instagram, or use the hashtag #9pr7years. By using the hashtag you can also see some of the pictures all of our guests took from the party!

Have a great day!




Last Tuesday we opened up our beautiful showroom to let the press take a look at all the new Pre Spring 16 collections. We aim to present the story behind each of our brands in order to inspire the magazines, so they can imagine which styles to use in upcoming shoots - which is also why the Press Day is such an exciting event for us! We served our guests coffee, fresh fruits and delicious yogurts from The Yogurt Shop while talking about the beautiful new collections. We assure you, there is definitely something to look forward to - so keep an eye out for the fashion magazines November issues, these will include a lot of Pre Spring must-haves :-)press 1Fresh fruits and flowers. press 3Katrine Krog from We Are Mad and Mie Quist from We Wonderpress 6Bea Fagerholt from Eurowoman, Mette Marie Lei Lange from TwinPeaks and our very own Nina. press 7Editor in Chief Trine Nygaard and Fashion Editor Line Givskov from INpress 2The Yougurt Shop - soooooo good! press 4Freelance Stylist Anne Stockmann and Assisting Fashion Editor Camilla Larson from Eurowomanpress 5Journalist Stephanie Korsholm from iFormpress 13Gorgeous blogger-girls, Julie Pallesen and Freja Wewerpress 9Nanna and Katrine from The Lookbookpress 8Line Givskov og Mette Marie Lei Lange. press 11Stunning Elle Fashion Coordinator Maria Jernovpress 12Fashion Editor Thora Valdimarsdottir and Assisting Fashion Editor Jeanette Friis from Costumepress 10Patrick Pankalla and Amalie Wesselpress 14Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for a lovely day :-) Later we will you give an update about the rest of the week (which was great, by the way!) so stay tuned! Kisses <3 

Fashion Week Day 2

It's time to look back at another day from Copenhagen Fashion Week. Friday during the day our sweet Brand Advisors, Nina and Sofie were visiting Revolver at Øksenhallen. They met a lot of our clients and saw many of the new collections. Friday night we were hosting a big party at Munthe. It was such a great night with lots of delicious drinks, great music and many cool faces.4instaHere you see our Beauty Manager, Cecilie and our Brand Advisors, Sofie and Nina at the Munthe event Friday night. They had so much fun at the party // Nina  is totally in love with the new styles from An Ounce. Here she is standing with a pair of cool glitter pants.1instaAt Revolver we also found Project AJ 117. They had a lot of new styles to show off. We had a big crush on the knitted coat. 2instaOur very own Brand Advisor, Sofie was totally in love with this dress from Baum und Pferdgarten // Our Brand Advisor, Nina and Camilla, who is one of the owners from RebekkaRebekka, are looking at some of their new jewelry.3instaHere you see our own Nina together with Carit from Fiveunits // The sweet girls from Just Female are looking lovely as they show of the cool collection.5instaHere is a snap from the  pretty Samsøe Samsøe stand // Our new clients, Jane Kønig is also showing off their new pieces of jewelry.1instaOur lovely client, Ravn, also had a stand at Revolver. We was looking at all their lovely fur coats and new styles from their new collection.foto 2Here you see the sweet designer of Carré, Shiri. Shiri was showing some amazing pieces from Carré's upcoming collection, which we are all looking very much forward to rocking later this year. xxx 9PR        

SAND Copenhagen Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter 2015

 Imagine yourself a big mansion in Bredgade. The sign on the gate says SAND and you are now entering a world of lavishness. A feeling best described as decadent overwhelms you. A feeling that is just further confirmed and strengthened by both the extremely detailed stucco in the high ceilings and the great combination between Scandinavian and Italian interior. You know that what’s about to happen, is going to be noisy and quiet, pompous and discreet – all at the same time. You can tell that you are about to witness the SAND AW15 Fashion Show only by looking at the small group of people who are enjoying themselves, oysters and champagne shortly before the show starts. The show starts and you are amazed. The sound of David Bowies “We Could Be Heroes” is pulsing through the speakers, and the vibe is overwhelming your entire body. International top model, Diana Conterato is opening the show, and in strong contrast to the fashionable expression of the mansion, fashion icons of the 70ties are almost flowing through the two beautiful lounges and the suite, which right in the this moment easily could have been in London or Paris in the 70ties. Diana is a modern version of Jane Birking, but her attitude exudes rock’n’roll. She is sensual and enticing, and a bit dangerous at the same time. The L.A. based model Conor McLain is a perfect symbiosis between David Bowie and Andy Warhole. The sight of tight-fitted suits combined with oversized coats is just another image of a universe full of contrast.All in all a beautiful and very personal show by Sand Copenhagen.Sand show 11sandSand show 3

Press event for adidas StellaSport

Hi guys, As you might have noticed on our Instagram, we had a very exiting event this previous friday since we finally had the long anticipated launch of the adidas StellaSport collection. The collection is a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of adidas and Stella McCartney joining forces. The event was held at Sportmaster in Magasin, where the entire store was covered in giant rugs, cutout boards and huge posters – all decorated with various pictures from the campaign. Throughout the entire event, delicious healthy, organic and coldpressed juices were provided by Frankly Juice and available for everybody at the event - all to keep it in the healthy spirit of adidas. The event pre-started at 15:00, where three of the lovely ambassadors, including model and DJ at the event Emilie Lilja, blogger Sandra Willer and Instagram personality Freja Wewer, were all aloud to bring 10 people who they would want to share this amazing experience with. After the first hour everyone was free to join the event and the various magazines were very well represented. All the dressing rooms were highly occupied by the exited visitors, who all wanted to have a little piece of the magic. The event turned out to be a great success and everyone was extremely positive and exited about the new collection. Below you can see a few pictures from the event and a snaps of some of the people who came to the event. 1306The lovely entrance to the event. 1421People were indeed enjoying themselves while taking a look at the amazing collection. 1186The delicious and super-healthy juices by Frankly Juices1474The cutout-boards were highly popular among the guests and it brought out many smiles and laughs. 1551One of our ambassadors; the lovely model and DJ Emilie Lilja1645Two of the visitors snapping a shot at the collection - properly to have the chance of winning 5000kr. worth of StellaSport equipment in our Instagram competition1242The guests were extremely interested and exited about the new collection. 1686Another one of our amazing ambassadors blogger Sandra Willer snapping a picture of the juices by Frankly1093Two of the lovely girls from on the red carpet. 1576The sweet girls from were also at the event. 1773Last but not least our very own Line together with this gorgeous couple; designer at Design By Us Lisette Bernhoft and nutritionist Christian Bitz.


1trineCoat from An Ounce (here), Jewelry from Jane Kønig (here and here), Knit from Baum und Pferdgarten (here), Bag form Whyred (here), Trousers from Envii by Pernille Teisbæk (here), Knit from Just Female (here), Coat from Baum und Pferdgarten (here), Sneakers from Adidas (here)2trineBag from Adax (here), Jewelry from Jane Kønig (here and here), Sneakers from Adidas (here), Trousers from Hugo Boss (here), Knit from Samsøe Samsøe (here), Trousers from Whyred (here), Leather jacket from Samsøe Samsøe (here) Once again it's time for some inspiration. This time we have found the blogger, Trine. Trine's Wardrobe is one of the coolest blogs in DK. We really like her simple, casual and twisted look. On the collages above you can get Trine's style. We really like her look wearing baggy leather pants with sneakers! Have a sweet day! xxx 9PR


 1adfsfsdfJacket from Envii (here), Knir from Envii (here), Sweatshirt from Calvin Klein Jeans (here), Trousers from An Ounce (here), Sneakers from Adidas (here), Bag from Just Female (here), Trousers from Just Female (here)   1aadfsfsdfTrousers from Fiveunits (here), Shirt from Envii (here), Trousers from Fiveunits (here), Blazer from Sand (here), Blazer from Whyred (here), Boots from Sand (here), Boots from Whyred (here) It's time for some inspiration, and this time we have found two of Denmark's most fashionable bloggers. ByFunda and Lookdepernille totally rock the streets. We really love Funda's look with a grey wool coat, wide trousers, Adidas sneaks and a cozy sweatshirt from Calvin Klein jeans. Lookdepernille goes for the casual look with some ripped boyfriend jeans, a blue oversized blazer and a striped shirt. We like big time. We are totally inspired by the two cool blogger-girls. Get the look here. Have a great day! xxx 9PR

Nanna & Sofie in Milano

Hi guys, As you may already know, our Showroom Coordinator Sofie and our Showroom Manager Nanna have been in Milan Monday and Tuesday this week visiting Calvin Klein. When they visited Calvin Klein they got to see the new beautiful collections and meet Calvin Klein's other European public relations agencies. They of course had a lot to talk about with all of them working with Calvin Klein! Monday evening they all went out for a lovely dinner, where they got a chance to mingle and network among each other. Tuesday started off with a lovely breakfast at the hotel, and later they went for a stroll in the gorgeous city of Milan. In the afternoon they went shopping in the lovely stores that are just to die for! And they of course had a few coffees in some of the cozy coffee houses along the way. Take a look at some of their snapshots from their days in Milan below.foto 1-2foto 2-2foto 5-1foto 5foto 3foto 2foto 4foto 3-1 Have we tempted you to go on an urban vacation this summer? If you love shopping and cozy cafés, the beautiful city of Milan is a great choice ;)  Have a lovely day out there! xxx 9PR

My secret spots in Copenhagen!

We absolutely looooove Copenhagen and are always looking out for new exciting restaurant, cafés and places to experience. So in the next few weeks, we will share our secret spots in Copenhagen with you guys, cause you are probably just as interested in new places as we are. 

We start off with our beautiful Showroom Manager Nanna Skovholm who here has revealed her favorite spots in Copenhagen.

Nanna NY


What is the best thing about Copenhagen?

One of my favorite things about the 'Copenhagen feeling' is the fact that one moment you can be in a crowded place, and the next moment a place with fewer people where you can sit quietly and relax. Sometimes, you can feel so big and at the same time so little – I think that is quite amazing!



Where do you shop the most?

Undoubtedly Companys Original! I always pass it on my way home from work, and it is SO easy to get temped by their beautiful and creative show windows.



Which place do you have to see in Copenhagen?

I am just a tad bit royal so bear with me here, but I think that everybody MUST see the stunning collection of crown jewels on Rosenborg Castle, and of course the Queen and her palace.



Where do you go to get the absolutely best brunch in Copenhagen?

Café Norden near Storkespringvandet! It is a bit expensive, but soooo delicious. You get freshly squeezed orange juice, pancakes with syrup, fresh homemade bread and various marmalades.



Where is your favourite place to dine?

The French restaurant Bistro Pastis in Gothersgade is a favourite of mine. Their french fries are addictive! Everybody should try them!..

Favourite drink? And where to get it?

I love Cava – And one of the best places to get it is properly on the cosy Condessa Restaurant and Bar near Højbro Plads. We’ve had lots of fun times at that place!



If you had to show a tourist around in Copenhagen, what would definitely be on the list?

All the old constructions and houses in the old narrow streets of this lovely city, and of course Nyhavn which is a must-see attraction. On a warm summerday, Nyhavn is an amazing place to get a beer or wine.



How would a perfect day in Copenhagen for you look like?

It should be a real Copenhagener day with sunshine all day long. I would start the day drinking coffee with my best girlfriends. Next on the list would be shopping, shopping, and shopping! I will end the day sunbathing in Kongenshave with lots of fashion magazines and fruits.



Where is your favourite quarter?

I really love ”The Latin quarter” in Copenhagen K, first of all because I live there, but I also adore the versatile environment you find there. There is room for both small unique vintage boutiques, transvestites and other quirky things - it is a place where you can be exactly who you want to be without wondering eyes and prejudices.



What is your absolutely favourite spot in Copenhagen?

I need something green to relax. So Kongens Have is the perfect spot for me. It is easy because it is nearby my apartment, and there is always lots of space so that you can be yourself.

. .


Where do you find romance in the city?

I find romance in the narrow streets after sunset! Sunset is one of the most romantic, beautiful and relaxing things to me.




We hope you enjoyed our new initiative here on the blog. Stay tuned for the following weeks where we will talk to the other ladies here at the showroom about their favorite Copenhagen spots.

Do you have some favorite spots in Copenhagen?? Share them with us in the comment field below


Xx 9PR


Press Days AW14

As some of you know and as we mentioned in our previous post we had Press Days for our brands' AW14 collections here at 9PR. Having press days means that we invite the Danish fashion press to come and check out our brands' new collections. We aim to present the story behind each brand, in order to inspire the different magazines so they more easily can imagine which styles to use in next seasons' upcoming shoots.

This year, we chose to kick of the whole week a little bit differently than usual, by having our own fashion show in our showroom! You can read more about the concept here. You might have noticed the pictures uploaded on Instagram and Facebook featuring all the lovely models from CPH Wolves wearing some of our brands that was included in the show. The brands were: Tusnelda Bloch, Envii, SAND, Just Female, ASOS, Strellson, Gestuz, Nioi and An Ounce, and remember to check out the lovely backstage pictures on our facebook profile!


Right after the show we prepared for the first press day that was held last Wednesday here at the office. We were so lucky to be able to have Design By Us decorating our showroom, with their furniture and interior details.


Our accessory room also had a small make-over, as we received a whole wall filled with ADAX new beautiful AW14 bags to show to the press.

Pssst.. This wall is custommized by Design By Us! Great, huh??


We are also so glad to be representing Sephora here in Danmark. The products really lights up the whole showroom with their lovely colors, don't you think?



Our first meeting during Wednesday morning was with Gertrud, Bea and Victoria from Eurowoman. They were served a morning snack from The Yogurt Shop and some freshly squeezed juice. Here they are posing on the black day-bed called Drama Queen from Design By Us with beautiful bags from Calvin Klein in the background.


Next guest in our showroom was Camilla Larsson from Alt For Damerne. Here she is discussing all the new collections together with our own Line who looks great in a the blue dress from Just Female.


Next up was sweet Michael from Soundvenue who was served perfectly made tea from Nu Te Organic.


Later in the afternoon we had Charlotte and Julie from Woman Magazine who gave us a great time in the showroom filled with laughter - which is absolutely necessary sometimes during busy days ;)


Charlotte couldn't resist trying on the new blue coat from Just Female AW14. The color is amazing!


Last but not least, we had the lovely team from Femina over to look at the collections and as you can see they also had a great time while choosing what to shoot for their magazine. Here, the fashion assistants looking at Storm & Marie's AW14 collection.



Our second press day began with a visit from the sweet girls at Elle Magazine. They were served delicious morning snacks from The Yogurt Shop and organic tea from Nu Te. Here are the beautiful girls Mie, Johanne and Josephine posing in front of a lovely set of pieces from


During Thursday morning we also had a visit from the beauty experts Eva K, Helene from the blog Pudderdaaserne and Nuria Blum. Here they are trying out Sephora's new nail polishes for summer - the colors are just amazing!


Later on, the lovely girls Camilla, Lykke and Yasmine from Cover Magazine came by, on our second day of press days.


Press days are usually long busy days, not only for us, but also for people working for the press, however here is Yasmin from Cover looking super fresh while looking through Julie Brandts beautiful new AW14 collection!


Our last one-on-ones with the press was with Trine and Maiken from Costume Magazine. We caught them standing just in between Gestuz and Tusnelda Blochs beautiful AW14 collections.

Day 3 - Open Press Days


On Friday, we opened up the doors to the showroom also for freelance journalists, bloggers and stylists - something we traditionally call Open House Press Days. Sofia Astby - a very talented stylist, was one of our visitors who joined us, to see all of the new collections. Here she is posing together with Line.


Cecile from fashion magazine In together with our own Nina who is wearing a cosy grey college sweat, from Gestuz with a pair of leather leggings from Samsøe & Samsøe.


Here is Nomi from Nordic Style Magazine and her assistant. Nomi fell in love with a light pink pump from Billi Bi, which she is holding in her right hand - and we agree it's such a summer classic!


Here is lovely looking Susan from Stylein Scandinavia who also got a chance to taste the delicious organic tea from Nu Te.


We also had stylists Sille Henning and Nanna Lindskow stepping by the showroom, here they are looking through Gestuz fantastic AW14 collection - getting some inspiration on how to style their upcoming shoots.


Later that afternoon we got visited by the beautiful bloggers Mie from the blog We Wonder and Tine Strange and together we celebrated a fantastic and successful week with a glass of wine.

We want to thank everybody who has been visiting us during last week and of course an extra thank you also to everyone who was involved in the 9PR Show that was a huge success!!

Lots of love,


Dinner at the Envii store

Hi guys! :)As some of you might know, Envii hosted a small and exclusive dinner event last Wednesday, and it really was a great, fun and cozy evening. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to join in from your own couch, and see who was invited to the event. Envii had invited us and the press to give an insight in what the brand stands for, their values and identity. We also got the chance to meet the faces behind the brand, who is a small, creative and dynamic team that always work together to create collections that are in line with current trends. We had a lovely night in the best company of the Envii team and the girls from Eurowoman, Woman, Cover, Costume and Elle. The food was sooo amazing and we were having such a great and fun time.IMG_9142Here Nina in great shopping-mood outside the Envii store before she was getting ready for the night.foto3Here  are Line and Nina with the Envii designers Line, Anne and Yvonne.IMG_9155Cathrine and Lars were talking about the brand values and identity of Envii. Very interesting to hear the way Envii works with their brand identity from the beginning of the design process to the final product in store.IMG_9157Here we have just sat down a the cosy table and are waiting for the dinner to be served. :)IMG_9161IMG_9163Nina found her seat and then the starter was served.foto 3Here are  Nicoline from Elle and our Showroom Manager Nanna enjoying a glass of wine.foto 2After the starter Josephine from Elle and Yvonne was taking a break and just relaxing before the main course was served.foto 4Here is Lars with Clara from Eurowoman and Julie from Woman. All in all a wonderful night with a lot of great talks and big smiles. We love! Thank you Envii <3 Have a great Monday! :)

Friday Cravings for Your Home

It's Friday and also the last day of February ;) To celebrate that spring is knocking on your doorstep we've prepared a new blog post, this time with inspiration for your home. When the sun starts to shine through your window, we suggest you choose your interior in white or cream colors like this amazing sofa from Design by Us combined with a retro-looking Espresso machine from Nespresso. Mix that with other interior details in lovely spring pastels like pink or purple. Design by Us has a few gorgeous hanging lamps in light green and light purple colors, just like the one on the picture and that also hangs in our own showroom ;) However, if you can't afford to buy a new couch right now, the trick is to get some fresh flowers and put them in a hanging globe, like this one from Kastrup Design and then serve your coffee on a small plate from Missemai with a motive of a tree in blossom. That really adds on to the feeling that spring is just around the corner.Bolig inspiration6 

1. Design By Us, Pollish Pink h. 25 x ø. 20 cm, DKK 20002. Kastrup Design, Kastrup Globe Art No. 5.3, DKK 4.9003. Design By Us, Dallas couch white with flower armrest, DKK 389004. MisseMai, Bakker Forårstræ fritlagt, DKK 2405. Nespresso, D110CW Citiz Creamy white, DKK 1399

Happy Friday everyone,the team at 9PR!

Weekend Getaway

It's Friday and we dream about spending the weekend in a cabin somewhere relaxing. Going for walks, and drinking hot coco (with lots of marshmallows, surely) with someone special, while the rain pours down outside. And for that occasion we have chosen the outfits below, with inspiration for both you and your loved one.


For the women we have chosen a comfi and colorful look - and even though it's still cold outside it gives us a feeling of spring being just around the corner. The knit is from 3.1 Phillip Lim found at and adds a really feminine look paired with the slim jeans from Hugo Boss. The look gets more of an edge with the chunky leather boots from Samsøe & Samsøe and the long black jacket from Envii. To keep warm, complete the outfit with the knitted hat and gloves both from Ganni. Finally you can use the beautiful bag from Markberg for a light carryon.Fridagcravingsmensuge6

On the men's side we've chosen a relaxed look with a pair of bleached jeans from Strellson, combined with a chunky and colorful knit from Henri Lloyd. As the weather right now provides us with all kind of surprises we thought this black rain jacket  from Samsoe & Samsoe would be a reliable choice together with a steady pair of boots, also from Samsoe & Samsoe. The holiday bag to fit the laptop in, is from Hugo Boss, and the scarf to complete the outfit, is a classic from Burberry London found at

I know that we here at 9PR are all cozied up for the weekend, and we really hope that you are too! And we may even have made the moviechioce a little easier for you, when Sunday comes ;)

Happy weekend everyone <3

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014

The Fashion Week is over and now it's back to reality! Even though everything seems to work just a little bit slower today, it is nice to go back through the week, and rejoice and remember the many good times we've had during CPHFW 2014. This blogpost will take you through our Fashion Week, and show who we visited on the fairs, and which events we guested. Enjoy! The week for us at 9PR, began last Tuesday where we were allowed backstage of the Whiite AW14 show.Backstage til Whiite showWe absolutely loved this amazing golden maxi dress.Whiite FrederikkeHere is Frederikke Hviid, the designer behind the brand and the beautiful showstopper of a dress.justfemaleFashion week is a great way to connect with the industry, and to visit all our wonderful brands. Our brands were represented in both CIFF, Vision and Gallery. First stop was with the sweet girls from Just Female.Stellanova (2)You should be looking forward to the coming Stella Nova collection!2014-01-31 16.13.18Storm&Marie has created yet another wonderful collection, and we cannot wait to receive it in our showroom.MelikaHappy days! We ran in to our old Showroom Coordinator Melika :) Lovely to see you!CarreCarre kopiWe also visited our beautiful jewellery brands at The Jewellery Room fair. The new Carré 'Evil Eye' collection looked very good!Charlotte lebeckCool Charlotte Lebeck had an edgy stand to match her edgy jewellery.GestuzYou should keep an eye on the coming AW14 collection from this group - team Gestuz, because it will be something new but still recognizable and also filled with absolute must-haves!Fiveunits standLovely Tina from FIVEUNITS having a chat with Line and Nina.JulieBrandtCamilla og Line fra AFDJulie Brandt launched her preview of the AW14 collection at Cath Danneskjold-Samsøe home - read more about the event and see more styles here.AdaxOur own Showroom Manager Nanna, is happy that the Adax stand has fruits and chairs :)M Wiesneck standBeautifully crafted M. Wiesneck collection.MDK standCool-looking collection from MDK at Cph Fashion Pool.samsoeThe Samsøe&Samsøe stand was huge, and had so many prints and items that we cannot wait to get our hands on! Here is a snapshot, catching the great atmosphere at the stand.CIFFCIFF really was buzzing with life and energy!gannivisningWe were also invited to the preview of the Ganni collection.


We had the joy of guesting the Benedikte Utzon show - which was a great success!

suitThe SUIT stand was looking very cool!

Tusnelda BlochTusnelda Bloch Cph showed us some lovely prints and materials.

EnviiThursday, we stopped by Enviis store in Pilestræde, and had serious cupcake overload, before going to the Munthe show.

Emma lethMunthe's first collection looked absolutely amazing! The beautiful Emma Leth is wearing our favorite look - the White Suit in Munthe interpretation.

IMG_3609To end the night off, we guested the Munthe x Cover party in the beautiful Munthe flagship store. We congratulate Munthe with a great show!

DanskNext morning, DANSK Collective hosted a brunch with a great turnout. In the front you see the very talented designer Anne Sofie Madsen.

Clara Matz Dansk brunchClara Matz - Assisting Fashion Editor at Eurowoman looked very good in plaids and leopard - the leopard bag is from Adax.

DanskCollectiveAnd of course our own Nina and Line.

Nina og Line

We would like to thank everybody for a lovely fashion week! We'll see you out there again before you know it and remember to stop by our showroom to see all the collections when it's time for the AW14 season!


Mette Mikkelsen in NYC Part 2

We were so lucky to have stylist Mette Mikkelsen blog about two shoots while she was in the Big Apple.

During her trip she also did a 'night shoot' for the week 47 issue for Alt for Damerne, and here is a sneak peak of the shoot.


The Empire Hotel has a rooftop with one of the most stunning skyline views of the city - so we thought why not shoot a few pictures up there!


The red light from the legendary Empire Hotel sign (- which some might remember from Gossip Girl XOXO) made the perfect background for the first shot.


The fashion party at the rooftop took us a bit by surprise (since it was a Monday evening - which proves the city never sleeps) but the party crowd actually worked out great as a background for the shoot.


Beautiful model Erica from Le Management shined in the glamorous Julie Brandt sequin dress with the skyline as background.


Erica posing on 6th avenue wearing the amazing Sand jacket with snake print sleeves - a favorite of mine!


Last location of the day was Times Square - a bit of a challenge since it's the most touristy place in all of Manhattan (even in the nighttime!).


Close up of this seasons coolest boots!! By Won Hundred.


Me on Times Square looking quite tired after a long (but fun) work day!


The amazing crew - Makeup Artist Imane, Photographer Jacob Hoffmann and Hair Stylist Yas hanging out before heading home to bed.

We thank Mette Mikkelsen for guest blogging for us, and we can't wait to see the result of the two shoots in December :)