SAND Copenhagen Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter 2015

 Imagine yourself a big mansion in Bredgade. The sign on the gate says SAND and you are now entering a world of lavishness. A feeling best described as decadent overwhelms you. A feeling that is just further confirmed and strengthened by both the extremely detailed stucco in the high ceilings and the great combination between Scandinavian and Italian interior. You know that what’s about to happen, is going to be noisy and quiet, pompous and discreet – all at the same time. You can tell that you are about to witness the SAND AW15 Fashion Show only by looking at the small group of people who are enjoying themselves, oysters and champagne shortly before the show starts. The show starts and you are amazed. The sound of David Bowies “We Could Be Heroes” is pulsing through the speakers, and the vibe is overwhelming your entire body. International top model, Diana Conterato is opening the show, and in strong contrast to the fashionable expression of the mansion, fashion icons of the 70ties are almost flowing through the two beautiful lounges and the suite, which right in the this moment easily could have been in London or Paris in the 70ties. Diana is a modern version of Jane Birking, but her attitude exudes rock’n’roll. She is sensual and enticing, and a bit dangerous at the same time. The L.A. based model Conor McLain is a perfect symbiosis between David Bowie and Andy Warhole. The sight of tight-fitted suits combined with oversized coats is just another image of a universe full of contrast.All in all a beautiful and very personal show by Sand Copenhagen.Sand show 11sandSand show 3

Luxury vs. Budget

Hi guys! We hope your week is going great so far! We have a lot of fun here at 9PR and we love finding great inspiration for you. August has shown that autumm is here before you know it. Luckily you already see a lot of great styles and outfits, on the catwalk, in street styles,  and in all the awesome fashion magazines, so you don't have to worry about what to wear. Though sometimes it might be a little too expensive for everyone, so we have enterpreted an outfit in two different ways, one you can esemble on a luxury budget, while the other is more affordable. It doesn't always have to cost a fortune to look amazing!. We chose an outfit with pieces that are very in, this season. A leather piece in an outfit, can make you look raw but feminine, and put together with knitwear, it is also a casual and cool look. Black and grey are still popular this season, but to spice it up, we love a colorfull lipstick.   luksus2TOP from Won Hundred DKK 1100. SKIRT from SAND DKK 2995. JACKET from Burberry from DKK 9656. SHOES from HUGO BOSS DKK 5999. BAG from ADAX DKK 1299. NAILPOLISH from FROM Sephora DKK 125. LIPSTICK from Sephora DKK 120. NECKLACE from RebekkaRebekka DKK 1000.  budgetTOP from Envii by Pernille Teisbæk DKK 400. SKIRT from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 500. JACKET from Envii DKK 850. SHOES from Billi Bi DKK 1699. BAG from Amust DKK 499. LIPSTICK from Sephora DKK 120. NAILPOLISH from Fnug from Selfcare Shop DKK 125. NECKLACE from Carré DKK 490. Have a great day everyone! Love from 9PR.

New Showroom Assistants: Meet them here!

Hi everybody!Yet again we had to say goodbye to our lovely assistants Camilla and Cecilia, and we are really going to miss them. However, we are so lucky and happy to welcome four sweet new faces at the Showroom; Trine, Line and Maria on fashion, and Natascha  on beauty. The girls will be here for aprox. 3 - 5 months during fall and winter, and we are so excited to give them a proper introduction to the fashion PR business and the everyday life here at 9PR ;) Hi, my name is Trine, I am 25 years old and I am currently a Master’s student in Intercultural Business Communication at CBS with an English and Marketing profile. I just started my half-year as an assistant here at 9PR, which I really look forward to, and I love it already. Everyone has been so sweet and welcoming. I expect to learn a lot about the PR and fashion industry throughout my time here.TrineI chose an outfit that is a simple but casual look that I would love to wear in the office in the early fall. The top from Just Female (DKK 599) has a cool PU leather detail on both sleeves that makes it stand out even though it’s black. I absolutely love the pattern on the black and blue Samsøe & Samsøe pants (DKK 1000) and the narrow ankle gives the classic black Billi Bi heels (DKK 999) a beautiful silhouette.  Hi guysMy name is Line and I’m 24 years old. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Business Communication and currently I’m studying a Master’s Degree in Communication. After my first day as an assistant at 9PR I’m already in love with this place, and can’t wait to get an insight in the fashion business and become a part of the everyday life at the office.LineThe outfit I have chosen is inspired by my love for simplicity, textures, and the colors black and white. The suede pants from Just Female (DKK 1799) I love, because they can be dressed down for a day at the office, and with a pair of heels, these from Billi Bi (DKK 999), you can wear them for a night out. The shirt from Envii by Pernille Teisbæk (DKK 400) gives the look a sophisticated yet relaxed feel. Last but not least, I have chosen this cool biker jacket from Gestuz (DKK 5000), because I believe that every woman should have the perfect leather jacket in the closet.  Hi everyone,My name is Maria and I’m 25 years old. This is my first day at 9pr as an assistant, and I already love it. The girls from the 9pr team are amazing and welcoming.I’m here as a part of my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing, which I’m studying in Odense, but I just moved to Copenhagen, to experience the city and everything it has to offer besides my awesome internship. I have always been interested in PR and I’m very excited to learn the business by being in the business for the next 6 months. I’m sure I will enjoy it.MariaThe outfit I chose is inspired by my love of dresses and the fact that every women should have a black dress. I chose a gorgeous black dress from SAND (DKK 2.995) with ¾ sleeves, matched with an amazing long blue jacket (DKK 2.199) from Just Female and high heels from Billi Bi (DKK 999). I would use this outfit for work as well as a casual night out. You can dress it up and dress it down depending on what attitude you have on that day. Hi beauty-lovers,My name is Natascha, I am 23 years old and today is my first day as a beauty assistant at 9PR. I am currently studying my Master's Degree at Copenhagen Business School in Business Administration and Organizational Communication (hereunder PR). I will be working as a beauty assistant at 9PR for the next three months.nataschaI have chosen my favourite beauty products in the showroom. First of all, I chose Trines Wardrobes Micellar Cleansing Water (DKK 89).  This product is great for removing makeup and it's formulated without perfume and parabens! Win win! Another product from the same product range, which I love is Trine's Wardrobe's Facial Mist (DKK 99). The spray refreshes your skin, reduces pores and makes your skin feel soft and fresh! Finally, I chose a body butter from Aromatherapy Associates from Self Care Shop (DKK 350). The body butter is very hydrating which is just what my skin needs after a hot bath.As for makeup, I chose the much hyped They're Real Mascara from Benefits from Sephora (DKK 195). The mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and seperates! (Basically everything you want from a mascara). I also chose a brown/nude eyeshadow palette from Sephora's Makeup Collection (DKK 160). The colors are beautiful and compliment every skintone.Finally, I chose a red lipstick from Sephora's Makeup Collection (DKK 95), because every girl needs a red lipstick. We can't wait for you all to meet our lovely new assistants, so hurry up for a coffee and a chat with the girls! xxx 9PR

Bohemian City Chick!

Hi everyone,We don't know about you guys, but here at the office we are getting ready for summer, sun and hot temperatures - even though it may be a couple of months left ;) To get an idea for what to wear as soon as that lovely sun and warmth arrives, we put together a few looks for you. One of them focuses on flower prints and pastels, something we can't live without during those hot days and the other one is more of a bohemian city chick outfit. Scroll down and get inspired!FLowerPrint Outfit 1KIMONO from Ganni DKK 1399. RING from Carré DKK 890. Earrings from Carré DKK 790. JUMPSUIT from Sand DKK 2495. DRESS from Valentino found at DKK 18582. BAG from Campomaggi DKK 2400. SANDALS from Givenchy found at Notabene DKK 4500.Ethnic copyOutfit 2CARDIGAN from M. Wiesneck DKK 2500. SKIRT from Stella Nova DKK 999. EARRINGS from Shourouk from DKK 3500. BAG from Caterina Lucchi DKK 2699. SANDALS from Valentino from DKK 4552.Happy Wednesday everyone with love from the team at 9PR!  

Beautiful summer dresses

Summer, summer, summer! We can hardly wait for it to come with lovely sunshine and heat. We have already started to dream about which dresses we need to  wear at all the summer garden parties and events. It's gonna be great with bare legs (hopefully they'll get a bit tanned through the summer) and beautiful sandals and fine jewelry. Here's some inspiration for how you can take the joy in advance and get a few dresses in stunning pastels into your wardrobe.summerdresses 1. outfitDRESS from Theory DKK 2754 found at BRACELET from Carré DKK 1500. RING from Carré DKK 1400. BAG from Hugo Boss DKK 2599. STILETTOS from Sergio Rossi DKK 3283 found at SCARF from Emilio Pucci DKK 2157 found at 2. outfitDRESS from Sand DKK 2395. BRACELET from Carré  DKK 550. EARRINGS from Pico DKK 400 .BAG from Salvatore Ferragamo DKK 5216 found at STILETTOS from Billi Bi DKK 1199. 3. outfitDRESS from Stella Nova DKK 1799. EARRING from Pico DKK 300. NECKLACE from Maison Martin Margiela DKK 1634 found at CLUTCH from Adax by Carin Wester DKK 1299. STILETTOS from Hugo Boss DKK 2799. 4. outfitDRESS from Won Hundred DKK 1400. EARRINGS from Pico DKK 300. BRACELET from Pico DKK 300. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 500. CLUTCH from Neye DKK 269. SHOES from Ganni DKK 1199.

Bag om Modeugen

Inden stolerækkerne fyldes, lamperne tændes og stiletterne stepper er der meget der skal koordineres og falde på plads. 9PR var rundt hos vores kunder dagen inden modeugen eksploderede i glitrende glamour, show pieces og glas med bobler for at se om nu alt var som det skulle være;o)Tomme stande...Sanne Nielsen fra Gestuz prøver at undgå fotografen - gat ya:-)Smukke meget gravide Sidsel fra Tiger of Sweden kan da sagtens give en hånd medDet ser da ud som om at der er nogen kunder som har været igang meget tidligt - Samsøes stand var næsten klar dagen før GO!Sand er klar... næsten - mangler lige kollektionerneJulie fra Julie Brandt var godt i gang med penslerne da 9PR kom på uventet besøg...Alle arbejder på højtryk i Gallery for at blive færdige til tidenLækker kampagne fra Sand9PR siger tak for en fantastisk uge!!-  Line & Nina


Vi har på 9PR besluttet, at indføre et nyt koncept på bloggen. Vi vil med jævne mellemrum sætte lidt ekstra fokus, på et af de brands vi har hos os. Vi har i denne uge valgt at lægge ud, med fokus på SAND.SAND blev grundlagt i 1981 af Søren og Lene Sand. De tidlige kollektioner blev med stor succes bygget op omkring naturmaterialer i enkle snit. Siden da er der sket meget.

Søren og Lene Sand i egne designs.

SAND sælges i en lang række lande verden over, men hovedfokus har de seneste år ligget på det tyske, britiske og skandinaviske marked, hvorfor SAND føres i eksempelvis Harrods i London og KaDeWe i Berlin.

Et key-item fra SS12 kollektionen.

Dette efterår gjorde SAND dog sit indtog på det amerikanske marked, og kan nu findes i blandt andet SAKS Fifth Avenue. Ifølge SANDs amerikanske samarbejdspartner Al Israel bliver det en succes:”For 25 år siden introducerede jeg Giorgio Armani i Nordamerika, og nu er jeg ved at gøre det samme med SAND.”

En herreblazer fra SANDs SS12 kollektion.

Hos 9PR er vi begejstrede for den nye SS 12 kollektion, der som sædvanlig dækker en lang række tænkelige situationer, lige fra outfittet til en afslappende eftermiddag, til en elegant aftenkjole.

En top til en afslappende sommerdag.

.. og en kjole til når man skal ud om aftenen.

Sand SS12 Kollektionsvisning

Under modeugen d. 5. august på Gallery messen fremviste Sand deres nye SS12 kollektion. Pressen og inviterede kom forbi og blev budt champagne og andre lækkerier.

Over et par timer summede folk rundt med deres champagne og kiggede den smukke kollektion igennem, der levede op til Sands kvalitet og gennemførte stil. Kollektionen kan ses oppe på 9PRs showroom fra slutningen af oktober.