A little trip down memory lane...

Today, the 1st of November, it is exactly 4 years since Line and Nina wrote 9PR on their door for the first time -  and WOW,  time travels fast! But looking back and reflecting upon all the adventures that's happened during these four years, the following conclusion occurs; 'Personal Relations' is here to stay - both in our private life and at work.But enough with the romance - we think you deserve a little trip down memory lane, and this post will take you through some of our favorite moments during the years!DSC_0037This is where it all started. Four years ago, we opened our showroom in Kronprinsensgade, and here we are - so happy! We had the best surroundings for building our business, but soon we experienced growing pains, which forced us to move to other surroundings.DSC_0155As most of you know, 9PR really took off at the office at Amagertorv 33. Two years ago, we moved in and as two women assembling all the furniture, you need to keep laughing. Besides, a little workout is always a good thing.IMG_1836Nina is clearly enjoying the new table that Line put together. Just moved in and with bare walls, but already a bit messy. This is how it all started!DSC_0253Here Nina is showing off her keen technical skills. She cannot figure out why the recipient can't hear her....IMG_4554Psst.. The overall level of technicality at 9PR hasn't improved since ;)IMG_2656Which is why we need the best people to help us out from time to time. Here Robin is helping us communicate our visions through our website.IMG_3567Nina is looking beautiful in front of the trusted Mac at one of the many late nights, we've had at Amagertorv 33.IMG_3262However, ther is always time for silliness and laughter.IMG_2603Working in the fashion industry, it is of utmost importance to keep and safeguard appearance, and obviously this is something we do in the best way possible. Duuuhhhh...IMG_4003Receiving gifts from Samsøe&Samsøe is simply something that comes with the title! Don't you just love the styling?


There has been a lot of travelling during the years, and as the two true 'women of the world' they are, finding their way in a foreign city is no trouble at all. Here Nina and Line are in Berlin, having no difficulties at all finding PREMIUM.. hmm. With the map upside down.


Planning the trip to New York went smoothly. However, during the booking of a double room at the hotel, was not quite as expected. Nina is sitting on the bed they had to share during the stay.


Work hard, play harder! At our two year birthday, we had a big party a Zen! We don't think anybody forgot our name after that ;)

IMG_7466Last year we threw a birthday party where the theme was GLITTER. Some of you might remember the invitation? We surely remember all the guests arriving with glitter all over their faces!IMG_0103We cannot grasp the fact that it's already been a year - so much has happened, and of course we have said goodbye to the old space at Amagertorv, only to move on the other side of the street. Here, we have been a part of the rebuild and decoration, and we cannot wait for all of you to see it. They are the most beautiful surroundings, and we have no doubt that  the next four years will be just as amazing and exciting as the first four.1236591_10151813103924609_2044893251_nSo we would like to thank all of you wonderful people, who have been with us and supported us during the first four years! Cheers, and have a great weekend :)