SAND Copenhagen Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter 2015

 Imagine yourself a big mansion in Bredgade. The sign on the gate says SAND and you are now entering a world of lavishness. A feeling best described as decadent overwhelms you. A feeling that is just further confirmed and strengthened by both the extremely detailed stucco in the high ceilings and the great combination between Scandinavian and Italian interior. You know that what’s about to happen, is going to be noisy and quiet, pompous and discreet – all at the same time. You can tell that you are about to witness the SAND AW15 Fashion Show only by looking at the small group of people who are enjoying themselves, oysters and champagne shortly before the show starts. The show starts and you are amazed. The sound of David Bowies “We Could Be Heroes” is pulsing through the speakers, and the vibe is overwhelming your entire body. International top model, Diana Conterato is opening the show, and in strong contrast to the fashionable expression of the mansion, fashion icons of the 70ties are almost flowing through the two beautiful lounges and the suite, which right in the this moment easily could have been in London or Paris in the 70ties. Diana is a modern version of Jane Birking, but her attitude exudes rock’n’roll. She is sensual and enticing, and a bit dangerous at the same time. The L.A. based model Conor McLain is a perfect symbiosis between David Bowie and Andy Warhole. The sight of tight-fitted suits combined with oversized coats is just another image of a universe full of contrast.All in all a beautiful and very personal show by Sand Copenhagen.Sand show 11sandSand show 3