Press event for adidas StellaSport

Hi guys, As you might have noticed on our Instagram, we had a very exiting event this previous friday since we finally had the long anticipated launch of the adidas StellaSport collection. The collection is a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of adidas and Stella McCartney joining forces. The event was held at Sportmaster in Magasin, where the entire store was covered in giant rugs, cutout boards and huge posters – all decorated with various pictures from the campaign. Throughout the entire event, delicious healthy, organic and coldpressed juices were provided by Frankly Juice and available for everybody at the event - all to keep it in the healthy spirit of adidas. The event pre-started at 15:00, where three of the lovely ambassadors, including model and DJ at the event Emilie Lilja, blogger Sandra Willer and Instagram personality Freja Wewer, were all aloud to bring 10 people who they would want to share this amazing experience with. After the first hour everyone was free to join the event and the various magazines were very well represented. All the dressing rooms were highly occupied by the exited visitors, who all wanted to have a little piece of the magic. The event turned out to be a great success and everyone was extremely positive and exited about the new collection. Below you can see a few pictures from the event and a snaps of some of the people who came to the event. 1306The lovely entrance to the event. 1421People were indeed enjoying themselves while taking a look at the amazing collection. 1186The delicious and super-healthy juices by Frankly Juices1474The cutout-boards were highly popular among the guests and it brought out many smiles and laughs. 1551One of our ambassadors; the lovely model and DJ Emilie Lilja1645Two of the visitors snapping a shot at the collection - properly to have the chance of winning 5000kr. worth of StellaSport equipment in our Instagram competition1242The guests were extremely interested and exited about the new collection. 1686Another one of our amazing ambassadors blogger Sandra Willer snapping a picture of the juices by Frankly1093Two of the lovely girls from on the red carpet. 1576The sweet girls from were also at the event. 1773Last but not least our very own Line together with this gorgeous couple; designer at Design By Us Lisette Bernhoft and nutritionist Christian Bitz.