Designer close-up; An Ounce

Hi everyone, Today we focus on the people behind the clothes and showcase a designer and the inspiration behind their brand. We think it's fun to know 'who' we are wearing and what they are all about. This week we give you An Ounce, because it's a new brand and you may not know that much about them or their style. So keep reading, because it's a great brand with much to offer! We absolutely love their collections!logo  An Ounce is a new danish brand, and with only their 2nd collection so far they are taking the fashion sceen by storm with their minimalistic design. Rune Gade and Mie Tingsager Nielsen, co-founders, has created An Ounce with inspiration from global hotspots such as Seoul, Hong Kong and Copenhagen where design tradition is characterized by clean lines and diversity. An Ounce uniquely combines Asian subtle richness in detail with Scandinavian minimalistic design.The 'An Ounce woman' is energetic and ambitious, she chooses clothes that makes her feel feminine, classic and confident. She stands out positively in a crowd. Her clothes can be used and combined in many ways to fit the life of a modern woman.The name An Ounce derived from the saying: "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. The meaning is a symbol of the approach and philosophy that defines the brand".We picked out some of our favorite styles to give you an insight into the style of An Ounce and inspire you to mix and match yourself. The different styles can be worn as a set or mixed together just the way you like it. Sets are the new black and we love it, and the great thing about sets are that you can have several and wear them together, so it looks like a different outfit the next day! an ounce 2

Blazer DKK 1200 | Dress DKK 1000 | Top DKK 700 | Skirt DKK 800

  The minimalistic design clearly shines through in the styles, but if you also like colors you can always accessorieze! A cool shoe or jewllery can always be added or you can just keep it in black and white - it always works! The blazer can be used with a dress, a shirt and a top or with pants, and it looks super stylish! We love it. an ounce 1

Coat DKK 1800 | Top DKK 800 | Pants DKK 700 | Knit top DKK 1000

  Usually An Ounce only uses the colors white, grey and black, but in the Winter14 collection thei introduced a dark blue knit top, and it's so cool. It's still the minimalistic design but it just adds a little color. A leather piece is one of this seasons "must haves" and you can wear it with almost everything and dress it up and dress it down. It works! We hope you liked our designer close-up of An Ounce!For more inspiration and shopping, check out Have a great day! XXX 9PR