How To Create Beautiful Wavy Hair

Hi beauty-lovers,..We love the casual wavy hair look this fall! Here is a step by step guide to create this beautiful look! 


 1. Wash your hair with Alterna Bamboo Smooth Shampoo DKK 209 from Sephora.2. For super soft hair, condition with Alterna Bamboo Smooth Conditioner DKK 209 from Sephora.3. Brush your hair with the amazing Hershesons Oval Cuchion Brush DKK 195 from Sephora. The brush protects your scalp and reduces static hair. The perfect brush for every hair style and look!.4. For a dry, texture spray Trines Wardrobe Dry Shampoo DKK 89,95 into the roots for volume and structure. It can be used for all hair types and colors!


5. Curl your hair with Hershesons Professional Titanium Waving Tong DKK 699 available at Sephora. This is actually Hershesons bestselling product so it must be good! The waving tong is 2,5 cm in diameter and the perfect tool for creating loose, natural waves. The ceramic surface makes sure your hair stays moist and ensures a perfect look for hours!.6. Finish of the look with a pump of Alterna Caviar CC Cream DKK 369 also from Sephora. This is an absolute must have product! It's great for EVERYTHING.  It's a leave-in product that provides moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, heat protection, UV protection - basically everything your hair needs to look absolutely stunning, beautiful, and healthy...We hope you feel inspired to try some of these amazing products!..What are your best tips for creating beautiful hair?.Have a fantastic Wednesday!.Lots of love,XXX 9PR