9PR 5 Year Birthday!

Hi all you lovely people, As some of you might have noticed on our Instagram, @9PR, 9PR turned 5 years the 1st of November, and to celebrate accordingly we hosted a big birthday party for all of the closest friends of the house. The party took place last Friday, and it all began with a big sit-down dinner, and later on with partying until morning. We had been excited all week, and at the office we spent a lot of time talking about what to wear, and being an office full of women, obviously none of us had anything that exactly suited the event..  Leading up to this day, we had some busy weeks with our amazing 9PR Show at the showroom, and with following press days, so in other words we were quite ready to celebrate ourselves and all our hard work! This post will thus take you through the evening, showing you all the lovely people who attended our celebration, and you will see the who's and who's of the 9PR 5 year birthday bash! However before we get to the funny business, we would like to thank all of you, who have supported 9PR through the years! It has been five amazing and intense years, and a lot of work has gone into it. Your support means the world to us, so a BIG thanks to all of you!! C25A8168The evening started at STAY Copenhagen, where Nina and Line had arranged an amazing dinner for our brands and the Danish press. As you can see a lot of fantastic people had turned up to celebrate with us! C25A8196Beautiful Thora Valdimarsdottir, Fashion Editor at Costume, having a toast with Charlotte Sandgren the Fashion Editor at WOMANC25A8246 C25A8211 C25A8197 C25A8541C25A8188We caught the owner of the exclusive night club ZEN, Remee Jackman, and his gorgeous girlfriend model Mathilde Gøhler in a romantic moment C25A8344Here is Sofia Astby having a laugh with stylist Barbara Gullstein and the musician Rasmus Walter C25A8333 C25A8389 C25A8393Lovely 9PR girls Nina, Cecilie, and Sofie joking around, and having a great time C25A8459 C25A8472 C25A8581PR Manager Kenneth from SAND Copenhagen C25A8607 C25A8300 C25A8321 C25A8441And of course there was food, and a lots of it. It was so good and made by STAY Copenhagen! We also had ice-cream from La Strada! 10384115_833007283410655_8023725161238719364_nOf course 9PR wouldn't have turned 5, if it wasn't for these lovely women! From left, Showroom Manager Nanna, Showroom Coordinator Sofie, and of course Line and Nina the owners of 9PR, Beauty & Lifestyle Manager Cecilie, and Skowroom Coordinator Nina <3 C25A8619Here is beautiful Fashion Editor at WOMAN, Charlotte Sandgren with Fashion Director at Euroman, Frederik Andersen. C25A8651Here we have the Danish Fashion Journalist Chris Pedersen. C25A8653The beautiful Mie Tingsager and Rune Gade, the two lovely people behind the new Danish brand An OunceC25A8702Three lovely ladies, from left Jewelry Designer Charlotte Lebeck, Betina PR Manager at Carré and Shiri founder of CarréC25A8766Gorgeous stylist Barabara Gullstein with her boyfriend the Danish musician Rasmus Walter. What a pretty couple! C25A8743Beautiful makeup artist Nicci Welsh, and the always fun actor Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, also the founder of ChriChri C25A8801Jesper from Calvin Klein, Anna from Samsøe & Samsøe, Rikke Charlotte personal assistant for Pernille Teisbæk and Cathrine from EnviiC25A8790Stylist and makeup artist Kenny Alexandr with the lovely Trine Kjær from Trines Wardrobe. C25A8780Here we have Yasmin, Fashion Coordinator along with Melissa, Fashion Director, and Camilla, Online Editor all at Cover Magazine.C25A8657The beautiful Sephora girls - Kathrine, Marlin, Kirsten.C25A8661Lovely group shot: Joan, Nanna Lindskow, Regitze Bay, Sofia Astby and Linnea from The BodystockingC25A8673Lovely Sofia Astby sandwiched by 9PR girls, Nanna and Nina.C25A8678Beautiful Tina from Blink Production. C25A8680Here the absoutely stunning girls behind Normag Joan, Julie and Alberte. C25A8686The dream team behind the best yogurt place in town: The Yogurt Shop, Marika and Christina. C25A8692Team ELLE - beatiful girls Josephine Aarkrogh and Laura Lawaetz.C25A8699Looks fun right? Lene Nissen, Charlotte Mielko, Nomi Tuwell, Shiri and Charlotte Lebeck.C25A8746Handsome team here: Camilla Larsson, Stephanie, Jesper, Christina from ELLE and Dorothea Gundtoft.C25A8753Team Calvin Klein well represented - this is Jesper and Stephanie. C25A8786Three lovely ladies having fun! Sille Henning from Fashionpost, Karen Rosenberg and Ann Lind. C25A8797Carit, Camilla, and Rasmus from FiveUnits C25A8811The beautiful Rebekka from RebekkaRebekka and Merethe Thaysen from SUITC25A8812Marlene from Femina, Cathrine and Marianne from SKØN C25A8824The mood was high, here expressed by Louise Amstrup from Alt for Damerne, Helle from Baum und Pferdgarten, Victoria from Fashion Exclusive and Thea from DANSKC25A8829The toasts of the town - lovely Nina and Line, along with Bent Lee from Riots Resort and Line from Companys Originals C25A8837Team Baum und PferdgartenC25A8708From left we have Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, together with designer Julie Brandt, Jaqueline and Christian C25A8710Team Modström - Sabrina and Christina C25A8761The girls from Just Female Penille and Sanne C25A8842Nina and Line had made sure that all the guests continued the party at ZEN, and had arranged busses to drive us all directly to the dance floor. IMG_0726A picture of the setting at ZEN, right before the dance floor crowded up, and people were too busy dancing, and therefore not taking pictures C25A8556 We would like to thank all of our amazing guests that came to the party, and always support what we do here at 9PR! We can't wait to celebrate turning 10! If you want to see even more pictures from the night, follow @9PR on Instagram, or use the hashtag #9pr5år. By using the hashtag you can also see some of the pictures all of our guests took from the party! Have a great day <3 XX 9PR