Please welcome our new brand - An Ounce - to the 9PR family!

Hello everyone,As you may have noticed, we have received a few newcomers in our showroom that we are very happy to be representing! One of them is the recently launched Danish fashion brand An Ounce whose AW14 collection now hang in our showroom. Pssst.. and we also had the joy of presenting the brand for the very first time, at the 9PR Show. The fall collection, called Surfaces, is characterized by clean cuts and simple silhouettes combined with high quality fabrics and a very sophisticated yet youthful look. The brand is also experimenting with the idea of combining different materials such as silk and leather which adds a dimension of rawness and edge to the look. One reason for why we think An Ounce will stand out from other brands on the market is just that simplicity mixed with luxurious fabrics and raw cuts to a great and affordable price. Some of our favorite pieces from the collections is shown in the collage below, those leather leggings are definitely to die for - don't you think? An Ounce brand new AW14 collection will hit the stores in August and by then their own webshop will also be open. Until then you'll just have to wait but we promise you - it will be so worth it!an onuce 2 

Leather LEGGINGS DKK 700. SWEATER DKK 700. COAT DKK 1800. All from An Ounce.

 Have a great day everyone, love from the team at 9PR!