Fashion Assistants' Night!

As we told you guys on Friday we were having our Fashion Assistant's Night . After we had prepared some wonderful food and had put some wine on the table, the girls arrived from Elle, Eurowoman, Woman, Femina and Euroman. The evening was sooo nice and we talked a lot and got to know the girls  much better. Here are some of the pictures from the night.BlogHere some of the girls from the office are having a glass of wine while waiting for the girls to arrive.blog1We had a lot of wine and snacks and everything was ready for the girls.DSC_3755The girls slowly started to arrive, and the atmosphere was really good and cozy.blog14Here Maria from Femina and our intern Josefina are having a laugh, posing for the camera.blog10Ammanda from Femina and our own Showroom Coordinator Nina are looking so cute and they had such a great time here in the showroom.blog9Thank you for the beautiful tulips!DSC_3763Ammanda from Femina, Victoria from Eurowoman and Anna and Nicoline from Elle having a chat in the couch.blog8Josefina and Nina were trying to DJ from the floor. They did such a good job! :)blog7Julie from Woman is looking so sweet!blog6Our lovely former Showroom Manager Kristine, who is now at Euroman is having a glass of wine and a laugh with Ammanda.blog4We love this picture of our own Showoom Manager Nanna, looking concentrated while Ammanda is showing of her beautiful red lips.As the hours ran by, the mood evolved and quickly we were all dancing and laughing!  This was such a great evening...blog13All in all a great night in good company. Thanks to all the girls for making it such a wonderful night and we look so much forward to our next Fashion Assistant night. :) Happy Tuesday everyone <3 :)