Visit from blogger Sarah Wulff

A couple of weeks ago, the talented blogger Sarah-Julie Wulff visited us, and was so kind to answer some

questions about herself and what trends she believes in for this coming fall. She also picked out some of her favourite

AW13 styles from the showroom :-)

Sarah Wulff

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. How long has it existed, and why do you like to blog?

My name is Sarah-Julie Wulff and I am the owner and designer behind the fashion brand Leowulff. I am crazy about animal prints, which is noticeable both in my collection and my wardrobe. Because of that, I wanted to start a blog so everyone who share the same passion for fashion as me, can find inspiration in one place. I started blogging nearly two years ago, and launched my web shop around the same time.


So tell us, what tendencies do you believe in this season (AW13)?

I very much believe in matching tops and bottoms - especially with prints. Animal prints of course. Perhaps the sleeves would be in a different material than the rest, or there would be buttons in a unusual color. But prints in general is something to be especially aware of. My keywords for this coming season is animal prints, "wine colors" and "sporty but still a lady".


What three items are you going to add to your wardrobe this coming season (AW13)?

Comfy sweatshirts, edgy leather boots that can take the grey weather to come and big fancy statement rings.

Perhaps some new sunglasses (I love sunglasses).

Choose your five favorite items from the showroom and tell us why you love it :-)


I love this jacket from SAND because it can be styled with both a fancy dress, but also with slim jeans a white t-shirt and a pair of combat boots.

The snake print sleeves are amazing - Such a cool detail.


The printed dress from Storm & Marie is not normally something wear because of its very graphical print, but I actually really love it.

Sometimes its good to get out of your 'comfort zone'.


These shoes from Ganni are amazing, because they are so simple: Just a black pump with a round toe. This makes your feet look smaller,

and they can be added to any outfit and look.


This Ganni dress is so feminine and simple. You can always change the belt if you want, to give the dress a little extra.


This cardigan from Storm & Marie is perfect for when the autumn arrives, but also for chilly summer nights.

It has a lovely color, a good length and it fits well with pretty much everything!

Thank you so much for a lovely visit at 9PR - We can't wait to see you again.