TEST: Unplugged Juice - Reset Your Body

Dieting and detoxing has never been a favorite of ours and does it really work? Or is it just a question of your psychological state of mind?We have never cared for juices made from vegetables – it has basically tasted too healthy. However, after experiencing the irresistible juices from Unplugged Juice made by a combination of fruits and vegetables we are now addicted!In addition to their yummi juices and amazing eggwraps with delicious fillings of salmon, chicken etc., Unplugged Juice has a “reset your body” diet which you can read much more about clicking on this link: www.unpluggedjuice.dk.Lene Jensen from Lifecare Consulting, who is associated with Unplugged Juice as a dietician, has combined 6 juices for you to drink during the day. These juices are specialized for you to get the right amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and many other healthy things that other “detox”-diets do not take into account. You are only allowed to drink 6 juices a day together with water - lots of water!We decided to follow the “reset your body” diet for three days and we have to admit that it was a bit harder than expected…


Line with our lovely juices for the next three days.

Day 1 

  • 07.00: First challenge for this diet is the lack of coffee! The need for the morning coffee is constant and we start to notice how important coffee is to us – especially when you are not allowed to drink it…
  • 10.00: Time for juice no. 2, and it was delicious. To help understand what every juice contains the content is described on the juice together with the percentage of each category (vegetables and fruits). Lene encouraged us to drink the juices that contain mostly vegetables during the morning and to drink the juices with mostly fruits during the day. That way you are able to get a kick from the fruit sugar when needed.
  • 12.00: we are both getting much more tired and our headache is now constant. Our showroom manager, Kristine, is feeling our lack of energy first hand when she speaks to us without any respond… Now it’s time for the 100 % fruit juice – delicious!
  • 15.00: with the feeling of not performing 100 % at the office we decide that the best thing to do is going home for the day. While drinking a juice on the way home, the only things that go through our minds are pizza, burger, falafel… Cravings that we usually never get!
  • 18.00: Waking up on the couch totally disoriented. It has to be the flu… Drinking another juice that contains 88 % vegetables. 21.30 it’s time for bed – taking the last juice to bed but it’s impossible to drink.


Day 2 

  • 06.00: Hmm… That was not the damn flu yesterday!! Feeling okay… Drinking a juice with lots of fruits while showering – basically just in need for something to replace the urge for coffee.
  • We are feeling much better at work than yesterday and the need for coffee is almost gone – so great!
  • It’s not possible to drink 6 juices a day – 5 must do the trick. Juices with celery and pear must go straight to the trash can – HATE the smell of celery…
  • Super good day… However the tiredness and headache is slowly coming back. Falling a sleep again around nine o’clock. A bit weird to go to sleep this early but I sleep like a baby!

 Day 3 

  • Don’t even think about the morning coffee and the need for a cup of coffee is gone – Jubiii… Is loaded with so much energy and the happiness is written all over our faces. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to detox after all???
  • Despite three days of only juice and water the only juice that gives me the vomiting sensation is the beetroot-juice...
  • We are allowed to eat giant steaks tomorrow and we are SO excited about that!



  • Begin the diet on a Saturday or Sunday so you don’t have to perform at work.
  • Do not expect much of yourself the first days/nights – you are too exhausted!
  • Cold turkey – you easily feel that the bad habits disappear.
  • Lots of energy after 2 days – such a great feeling to accomplish that without coffein!
  • The clothing is a bit looser. We did not do a weigh-in before we started but we probably lost 2 kg each.
  • Have a “partner-in-crime” for this project. It’s always a huge help to have someone that understands what you are going through ;)



This is not the last time for us to follow the “reset your body” diet. It feels so nice to treat your body well and actually feel that it helps – both for body and mind!We might just go out and “destroy” our healthy way of life with some vine and great steaks over the weekend – but hey, nobody’s perfect – right? ;)Please write us if you have any questions about this diet!Lots of kissesNina and Line