attention: hgbb studio

we are beyond excited and proud to introduce hgbbstudio as a new client at 9communication. hgbbstudio was founded in 2018, and are now ready to take over the world.

we were hooked to creating the next with hgbbstudio and unleash the huge potential that lies within this brand from the moment we met the two guys behind the brand; tobias and sangchan. they are everything hgbbstudio stands for.

hgbbstudio is diverse ready to wear clothes that are not just pretty visually or one dimensional – it’s a lifestyle and a celebration of individuality.

the attention to detail and quality, the extreme passion and dedication, and the fine mix of their korean roots with tobias’ danish upbringing, has resultet in a unique, different and interesting brand and line of collections.

hgbbstudio is located in gammel kongevej, where their shop and showroom is. In their shop you will also find a sewing machine and loads of design sketches, needles and pins; the two guys are true creatives and craftsmen.

welcome to hgbb studio. let’s create ”the next”!



we are constantly moving and seeking the next innovative solutions for our clients, and september 12th, 2019 we facilitated a 9platform for pop-culture where brands and people met each other with clear purpose and meaning, which led to a lot of interesting discussions and talks about movements and consumer reactions within culture and society.


we did the 9platform because we identified a gap between present and future, since all focus quite often is put on the future! coming quarter, coming products, coming services and next year etc., but what about the present? the daily? the consumers behavior and movements?


so, when we moved from our former office space at 3rd floor, way too high up and far away from the consumers, to our new location in june, we decided as part of our new strategy ´creating the next´, to re-define our showroom strategy to a 9gallery platform at ground level in the eyes of the consumer. as part of this transformation, we as an agency and team, decided to explore and seek new ways of thinking, when it comes to bridge our brands and the world and people, we all are surrounded at.


we chose to twist one of our most historical and classic concepts and re-thinked the classic format; press open days!, challenged our clients to focus and prioritize, and transformed our 9gallery to a gallery filled with storytelling, focus and fame (show me the best of your brand!), and invited people, ´the next generation of creators´ in to a forum with clear purpose, meaning and involvement in an human, personal and analogue way, and of course with one set and pronounced kpi:s per exhibitor/brand in our gallery. #present


the 9streetgallery debut turned out to a great success, and we have now decided after internal and external reviews, that this concept deserves another round with incorporated learnings from 1st exhibition. 


and remember, the 9streetgallery is created by creators for creators, and as part of our culture and mindset; we wanted to make a difference, but differently for our clients.


and, we did it!


lets take it to the streets!

kansas is known for its work wear where innovation, research and quality are focus areas.

kansas constantly challenges  the standards within work wear and constantly develops and innovates textiles to secure durability and comfort.


kansas wear is deeply rooted in this heritage and interpreted by high-end creators.


the first two collaborations are between kansas x lærke andersen and kansas x willy chavarria.


with kansas wear’s high level of functionality and technics within fabrics, many years of expertise and know-how within construction and design, technology and comfort and lærke andersen’s and willy chavarria’s level within design, aesthetics and storytelling, two completely unique collections have become. rooted in Kansas heritage, interpreted by high-end Creators!


from kansas workwear to kansas wear: lets take it to the streets!

welcome to kansas as new member of the 9platform, and we are addicted and ready to create ´the next´ together with team kansas. at 9 we love performance and learnings, and we are creators, makers and doers.


9 is very proud to represent two danish sports brands newline and HALO

newline was founded in 1981 by a professional soldier (helge petersen) from the danish special forces. he was a parachute specialist and var a passionate runner.

running, extreme tests of strength and parachuting was everyday life and the sweat suit was always wet whereas the parachute always dry.


that became the start of an unique brand based on the materials and functionality of the parachute and with a big focus on detail and comfort.


with roots in the danish special forces, newline HALO was founded in 2015. with the ability to combine technology with design, HALO has quickly become a success.  the quality is high and is secured by testing the collection with soldiers from the army special forces.

HALO is short for “high altitude low opening” which is a specific parachute jump. it is also from here the inspiration for the design comes from. especially from the air force in aalborg where the parachutes are repaired and packed. 

the inspiration for the design is everything from colour choice, to material and the combination of details.

Newline HALO_AW19_190604_HALO_ND_12_096.jpg

creating the next

9PR strengthens and improves competencies, assign a new ceo and creates ´the next´ 9PR

line mollerup and nina sejr wiboltt from 9PR has joined forces with lars rønne (former director brand communications, adidas) to strengthen and develop the agency.

together they have created ´the next´ 9PR: a strategic brand communications agency deeply rooted in market communication and pr within popular culture and society.

lars rønne simultaneously enters as new ceo.

the agency’s new strategy has ´creating the next´ as the starting point and the strategy is embedded in an enhanced focus on the consumers and their behavioural patterns, as well as a call to clients to do fewer, but far more relevant and sustainable initiatives.

the vision is to function as a strategic partner and activations partner who plan, clarify and connect the different components marketing, digital and pr with a wish to strengthen the client’s business through dynamic brand- and omni-channel activation. with it, the agency will bridge the gap between analogue and digital disciplines in the fleeting, uncertain and complex world we live in today. thus the agency breaks down the traditional silos.

the reason is that classic pr work, according to the three profiles, can no longer stand alone and that brand communication demands dedicated focus on chosen initiatives, regardless of what industry.

background and statements:
after more than 9 years as owners of 9PR, line mollerup and nina sejr wiboltt have entered into a partnership with lars rønne. he has a background as director brand communications in adidas, nordic, responsible for the categories: originals, football, running and training. it is a position he has handled the last 4 years from stockholm. he brings more than 10 years of inhouse experience to 9PR, both globally and nationally.

 about the vision for the next 9PR, lars rønne states:

”together, we wish to create ´the next´ 9PR: a strategic brand communications agency that is based on measurable results, clearly defined kip:s and a holistic approach to the collaboration with our clients. we are ready for the 2020ies and we will motivate and inspire our clients to also be ready.”

”it´s crazy out there! the demands and expectations of the consumers have never been higher for brands, products and services. in other words: the complexity is huge! and the consumers or the end receivers must be inspired and motivated emotionally and with impact. therefore, the demand is that the entire value chain delivers purpose and meaning. ideas, images and words must be planted in the receiver and the messages must be relevant in the culture and society within the industry.”

”we have, within 9PR, taken an active choice: we hitch ourselves to the world, stay personal in all our relations and worship the truth instead of ignorance by strengthening the strategy and philosophy, adjusting our resources, services and business model. this means that we can do the optimal for our clients and bring new energy as well as innovation to market communication and pr”.  

historically 9PR has worked within the fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle segments, but with the new strategy and the strengthened agency profile, the agency opens up to new industries in denmark and abroad within b2c and b2b brand communication.