and setup

a successful brand campaign or activation always begins with a solid strategy. regardless of b2c or b2b.
we help you create a scalable and sustainable strategy that is affordable, “doable” and loaded with cultural and society potential.

public relations
and advocacy

definition; “public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between brands and organizations and their publics or consumers” 

we have more than +10 years of experience, globally and nationally, within this definition across industries and we always make it personally with high advocacy.

brand communication
and digital content

it is highly necessary to have relevant and “spot on” digital content. at 9 we guide or create digital content for our clients that fit perfectly with the brand communication strategy. we connect the dots and secure impact and scalable success. 


a unique story of design and brands working together in a dialogue with journalists, assets/influencers and real people where excellence and creativity is a common thread. please take a look at ´our space´ and be inspired and motivated. the 9gallery is ´the next´ innovative initiative from us to you! it´s a space where we bring things and opportunities to life and we connect brands and people, and people and brands within popular culture and society. the space is prepared for the world outside, and it is only you who sets the limits!


our creative approach keeps a close eye on the industry and is always up to date with trends, success stories and the do´s and don´ts of modern communication.
we use that knowledge during the creative process to ensure production of engaging content that will resonate with your target audience.


thanks to our in-house expertise, and through our extensive network of partners, we can guarantee a fast and high-quality delivery
- every time! in today´s fast moving world, a great idea that is rolled out an hour late is often a terrible idea. 

therefore, speed is of the essence.


“let´s wait for this to go viral” is usually not a very good idea if you truly want to engage your existing and potential customers.
good content needs excellent distribution in order to work. 

and newsroom reports

one of the main advantages with modern communication is the fact that we can now measure the impact of our efforts.
proving our success with kpi:s from all major platforms and media landscape is an essential part of our offer on different levels.

data and

data and insights are at the center of a perfect strategy. 9 uses the data and insights you already have to make sure we build a strategy and activation plan that hit bulls eye from the first get go. 9 can also provide you with the necessary data or insights if you don’t have that info yourselves through our exclusive partnership with a global analysis agency.

we seek the truth about your brand; who are really your competitors, your consumers and how is your brand really perceived? this insight is key in securing a strategy and activation plan that will work and create success in the fleeting, uncertain and complex world we live in today.