gdpr and marketing law

at 9, we always do our very best to follow the rules and regulations of the marketing practices act.

we therefore have a clear internal strategy at 9 as to how we, in the best way possible, follow the regulations and rules of the law, as we work with bloggers, influencers and press on a daily basis. these people are always made aware of how to follow the rules and regulations of the marketing practices act and we continuously follow up with them, in the extent possible, to make sure that they obey the marketing practices act.

we also continuously let our clients know what their responsibility is when it comes to obeying the marketing practices act. it is however, not 9’s responsibility that the client is updated on the law and that the follow the rules and regulations of the law.

if you want to know more about 9’s internal procedures, you are always welcome to contact nina wiboltt at

In close relation to the marketing practices act, there is the law of gdpr.

at 9 it is important that you as a client or collaborator (press, influencer, blogger ect.) know that your personal data is protected at 9, and that we always have a reason for handling your personal info. this is why we have also made a ”persondatapolitik” which you can see and read here.

it is important to us that you are aware of your rights. if you do not wish that 9 handles your personal data or you wish to gain insight into exactly what purpose and in which systems your personal data is handled, you are always more than welcome to contact nina wiboltt at

you also have the full right to ask us to delete your personal data from 9 – this is also done by sending an email to the above email address.