Attention: hgbbstudio

We are beyond excited and proud to introduce hgbbstudio as a new client at 9communication. hgbbstudio was founded in 2018, and are now ready to take over the world.

We were hooked to creating the next with hgbbstudio and unleash the huge potential that lies within this brand from the moment we met the two guys behind the brand; Tobias and Sangchan. They are everything hgbbstudio stands for.

hgbbstudio is diverse ready to wear clothes that are not just pretty visually or one dimensional – it’s a lifestyle and a celebration of individuality.

The attention to detail and quality, the extreme passion and dedication, and the fine mix of their korean roots with Tobias’ danish upbringing, has resultet in a unique, different and interesting brand and line of collections.

hgbbstudio is located in Gammel Kongevej, where their shop and showroom is. In their shop you will also find a sewing machine and loads of design sketches, needles and pins; the two guys are true creatives and craftsmen.

Welcome to hgbb studio. Let’s create ”the next”!