Lets take it to the streets!

Kansas is known for its work wear where innovation, research and quality are focus areas.

Kansas constantly challenges the standards within work wear and constantly develops and innovates textiles to secure durability and comfort.


Kansas Wear is deeply rooted in this heritage and interpreted by high-end creators.


The first two collaborations are between Kansas x Lærke Andersen and Kansas x Willy Chavarria.


With Kansas Wear’s high level of functionality and technics within fabrics, many years of expertise and know-how within construction and design, technology and comfort and Lærke Andersen’s and Willy Chavarria’s level within design, aesthetics and storytelling, two completely unique collections have become. rooted in Kansas heritage, interpreted by high-end Creators!


From Kansas Workwear to Kansas Wear: Lets take it to the streets!

Welcome to Kansas as new member of the 9platform, and we are addicted and ready to create ´the next´ together with team Kansas. At 9 we love performance and learnings, and we are creators, makers and doers.