9 is proud to represent two Danish sports brands newline and HALO

newline was founded in 1981 by a professional soldier (Helge Petersen) from the Danish Special Forces. He was a parachute specialist and var a passionate runner.

Running, extreme tests of strength and parachuting was everyday life and the sweat suit was always wet whereas the parachute always dry.


That became the start of an unique brand based on the materials and functionality of the parachute and with a big focus on detail and comfort.


With roots in the Danish Special Forces, newline HALO was founded in 2015. With the ability to combine technology with design, HALO has quickly become a success. The quality is high and is secured by testing the collection with soldiers from the army special forces.

HALO is short for “high altitude low opening” which is a specific parachute jump. It is also from here the inspiration for the design comes from. Especially from the air force in Aalborg where the parachutes are repaired and packed. 

The inspiration for the design is everything from colour choice, to material and the combination of details.

Newline HALO_AW19_190604_HALO_ND_12_096.jpg