We are constantly moving and seeking the next innovative solutions for our clients, and September 12th, 2019 we facilitated a 9platform for pop-culture where brands and people met each other with clear purpose and meaning, which led to a lot of interesting discussions and talks about movements and consumer reactions within culture and society.


We did the 9platform because we identified a gap between present and future, since all focus quite often is put on the future! coming quarter, coming products, coming services and next year etc., but what about the present? the daily? the consumers behavior and movements?


So, when we moved from our former office space at 3rd floor, way too high up and far away from the consumers, to our new location in June, we decided as part of our new strategy ´creating the next´, to re-define our showroom strategy to a 9gallery platform at ground level in the eyes of the consumer. As part of this transformation, we as an agency and team, decided to explore and seek new ways of thinking, when it comes to bridge our brands and the world and people, we all are surrounded at.


We chose to twist one of our most historical and classic concepts and re-thinked the classic format; press open days!, challenged our clients to focus and prioritize, and transformed our 9gallery to a gallery filled with storytelling, focus and fame (show me the best of your brand!), and invited people, ´the next generation of creators´ in to a forum with clear purpose, meaning and involvement in an human, personal and analogue way, and of course with one set and pronounced kpi:s per exhibitor/brand in our gallery. #present


The 9streetgallery debut turned out to a great success, and we have now decided after internal and external reviews, that this concept deserves another round with incorporated learnings from 1st exhibition. 


And remember, the 9streetgallery is created by creators for creators, and as part of our culture and mindset; we wanted to make a difference, but differently for our clients.


And, we did it!