blog_postLast week we had the pleasure of showing Pernille Corydon’s Milestone Collection, to key press, influencers and freelancers.

Pernille Corydon, as well as her inhouse PR Manager, attended the whole day, which was really inspiring to hear her story and journey for the last 10 years told directly from her.

We had the media come for 1 hour at a time which really lead to some exciting talks and Pernille got to meet everyone in person. We had some of the best influencers and freelancers come by in the afternoon, which also lead to some interesting questions and talks, and everyone had the opportunity to talk to Pernille about her journey and the beautiful 10 necklaces that she has designed for the Milestone Collection.

Pernille Corydon is a new brand with 9PR, and what a way to kick off our journey together!

9PR on Vimeo.


The 10 necklaces all have a personal meaning to them – something special that Pernille Corydon has gained through her 10 year journey. Every piece in the Milestone Collection tells a different story, and every story is something that you can relate to more or less. Nina from 9PR could really relate to the thoughts behind the Cicerone necklace (the one with a compass), because this is the story of listening and using your intuition! Never neglect or dismiss a gut feeling.  If something doesn’t feel right, then listen to your own intuition. Once you manage to do this, you become your own best guide.


The necklaces all come in silver as well, and range from 550 DKK to 850 DKK. You can find them all here