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As you might remember, our girls Line, Cecilie and Anja from 9PR started their new year off with a '7 Day Cleanse' from VitaViva.

By the end of last week they all finished their '7 Day Cleanse' formula and here you can read all about their results;


"After a few days my skin was breaking out, which fortunately disappeared in four days. Afterwards my skin became really smooth and beautiful. I was definitely significantly less bloated than I used to be and the most strange thing was that my craving for cake and chocolate disappeared 😉. I have to admit that I was super bad at sticking to the rules VitaViva actually suggest - such as less coffee no alcohol etc. The pain in my stomach was not as bad as when I was in the '15 Day Cleanse' - but my stomach still rumbled like crazy all day ... I will definitely try it again in a few months - but I will probably start during the weekend instead of Monday morning."


"I got blemished skin, which lasted for quite a long time. I assume it's because your body is trying to get rid of all the bad toxins 😊. I did not find this cleanse so hard on my stomach and did not feel any pain at all. Although, my stomach made a lot of funny noises just like when I was on the '15 Day Cleanse' from VitaViva. Since my cleanse out with VitaViva my stomach has been a lot less bloated and it has actually been like this ever since".


"First of all I was kind of apprehensive about the thought of joining this cleanse, since I had already been on the cleanse prior to this and reacted quite strongly to the formula. The thought of having to be on a 24 hour cleanse for 7 days gave me a bit of anxiety. But as i earlier experienced, especially with the '15 Day Cleanse' from VitaViva, the first formula is always the worst! After a few times it kind of feels like the strong effect wears off little by little. As far as I know, it's because you have done a major cleanse of your entire system and if you keep it up your next cleanse will not be as hard. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised, when I easily could make it through my everyday both at work and socially, but of course with easy access to the toilet every now and then 😉. The only thing I found challenging was the amount of pills. You need to take 3 small bags with 12 pills in each. All 36 pills daily which really was something I had to get used to. But I must say that the effect I got from the '7 Day Cleanse' was worth it all - especially after Christmas when you have been eating and drinking a bit too much. You will be left with a feeling of the bloating disappearing and you have regular visits to the toilet ... Your skin may become a little irritated during the process, but it is something that disappears fast! If I should give you all a good and very important tip you really should stay away from sugar, red meat and alcohol during the cleanse. It can make the cure more unpleasant than necessary. Furthermore it is very important to top it of with plenty of water and coarse vegetables!"


Even though the '7 Day Cleanse' vitamin-box now is empty, we will all here at 9PR continue our daily consumption of VitaViva's vitamin pills for a healthier lifestyle.

Read more about VitaViva and buy the '7 Day Cleanse' and all the other healthy vitamin pills right here.

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