2017 //New year new you


Hello everyone!

Do you want to start 2017 off right and be healthier than ever?

Join Line, Cecilie and Anja from 9PR and kick-start your 2017 with a 7 day cleanse formula from VITAVIVA.

The '7 Day Cleanse' from VITAVIVA is a formula, which is specially developed to cleanse toxins and waste out of your system. The '7 Day Cleanse' contains 21 small bags with 12 capsuels. To complete the cleanse you have to consume 3 small bags a day together with food and a lot of water :)

In the ‘7 Day Cleanse’ you will find 100% natural products such as Cayenne Pepper, Fennel Seeds, Red Clover, Psyllium Husk and Organic Flaxseed Oil.

The cleanse effectively helps the intestinal tract to get rid of accumulated waste, reduces bloating, and contributes to increasing energy, that may in some cases also lead to several kilos in weight loss, along with a healthy diet and daily exercise ;)

Buy the '7 Day Cleanse' from VITAVIVA right here!

vitaviva_product-images_7-day-cleanse_dkk-550 Do you want to know how our 9PR girls are doing through the cleanse?

Do not worry, cause we'll keep you posted with our results from VITAVIVA's '7 Day Cleanse' formula.