Interview with the team behind LOW

Hi everybody, The fashion industry is full of amazing and creative people, and the three we are about to meet are no exception. We are bringing you an exclusive look into the great minds behind the new creative agency LOW consisting of Louise Thestrup, Lars Dyhr and Thomas Pedersen. All three of them are extremely experienced within the industry and are here giving us the chance of getting to know the thoughts behind the agency. LOW is a full-service agency striving for creating inspiring, memorable design and identity through a number of platforms within the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry, which basically means that LOW is helping the various brands shaping both their look and identity. LOW has done campaigns for huge brands like Samsøe & Samsøe and Pandora.LOW billedeBesides being the minds behind LOW the three amazing personalities are also highly involved in FAT Magazine. The magazine can be seen as a celebration of photographers and stylist and a space where they are given the chance of using their imagination and creativity without boundaries. This means that the magazine in itself is a work of art! Even though FAT is a fairly new magazine, it has already had some amazing personalities featured, like in the very first issue that featured Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, who was followed by an even bigger superstar, the American actress Kate Bosworth on the third issue - both photos shot by none other than the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen. fat-magazine cover Here are 10 questions that will hopefully help you getting to know the amazing team behind LOW even better. From where did you get the idea of getting together and starting L O W?Louise: We have known each other for years and we have always had the same approach when it comes to handling both customers and projects. We rarely agree, which often leads to discussions, but they are usually very constructive and we kind of shake up each other in a good way. But most importantly, we have so much fun together and we really trust each other. Because of the various parameters we agreed on starting this new adventure together without any kind of safety net. All of us felt a need to shake things up.Lars: There is always a certain level of security whenever you are a part of a bigger set-up. After 12 years in Dyhr Hagen, that is partly owned by Grey, I thought the time had come to start a new and smaller agency that is build upon the values I have, and are the very reasons why I entered this industry to begin with.Thomas: For me it was all about developing myself as a designer and the chance of working with people who has the same visions as me.  How does LOW differentiate from other creative agencies in the industry?Louise: We are all extremely experienced within the industry. We have a huge number of connections both in Denmark and internationally. I hope and trust that we will be seen as a serious and professional agency. Our way of doing things is often perceived as being a tight design and the Nordic minimalism is lying within our DNA, but we are always very interested in exploring and challenging ourselves.Lars: LOW is a small circle of people who all share the same aesthetics, but besides that we are a small group of people who respect and love to work with each other which I personally think is rare to find in this industry.Thomas: I don’t know but I think that our level of energy and a certain number of competences are what makes us unique.  What is your vision for LOW?Louise: World-wide domination!Lars: The vision for me is to create an agency that is not compromising neither the design or the aesthetics, and to create a working environment where people are happy to come and where there is room for crazy imaginations and creative thoughts, which should lead to continuous development.Thomas: For me the most important thing is that we - as a design agency - are in continuous development. Always bringing up new ideas. There should be room for play and the chance of trying out various things.  What do you feel that each of you can contribute with to the partnership?Louise: Thomas is the elitist, who rarely compromises when it comes to the expression of the design. Lars is the creative soul, who makes sure there is room for grand gestures. His mind is never asleep. I’m probably the glue that holds everything together, while at the same time being the one with the annoying questions for the creative minds. I play ball with them to exchange ideas, which might end up affecting the final result. Lars and Thomas will probably call me an insisting person.Lars: Each one of us has our own strengths, which as a combination forms a strong team. Our level of contacts within the industry has increased to a great number over the years, and we are never resting on our laurels, which is our greatest strength.Thomas: Louise has a great energy and is extremely good at keeping everything organized. Lars is an incredible designer and he has taught me a lot throughout the years. Our entire team is a great combination of various strengths.  Describe LOW in 3 wordsLouise: Love, Obsession, WorkLars: Agreed!Thomas: Totally agree with Louise.  Where do you see LOW in 5 years?Louise: The level of ambitions we have for LOW is high, but we keep most of it to ourselves for now. Of course we have an ambition of growing and becoming even better. But what is most important for us is the joy of going to work every single day, that we are doing something that makes sense to us and last but not least that we are having fun while doing it.Lars: Our intention is to work with more international clients than what we do today.Thomas: As a curious playland.  What do you prefer to spend you time on, when you are not working?Louise: Enjoying life.Lars: With my son, Max.Thomas: With my girlfriend and my daughter.  What do you love most about your job and what do you see as the most challenging part?Louise: I love the fast moving pace, I love being able to create and execute and of course to do it with all of these crazy people you are fortunate enough to meet within this industry. The most challenging thing for me is when things do not work out as I planned them to, or as fast as I wanted them to. Being patient has never been one of my strengths. I still have a burning wish to be able to read peoples mind, even though I already believe that I can read both Lars’ and Thomas’ minds.Lars: I love to have time at the office, which allows me to go more in depth with various projects.Thomas: I love to create things that make sense to our clients. That is sometimes also the most challenging part of my job.  What does fashion mean to you – both personally and in your job?Louise: I might sound extremely boring and old when saying that fashion was way more important to me when I was younger. Aesthetics and integrity means much more to me today – both personally and professional. In my opinion fashion is a hollow concept if you do not have both aesthetics and integrity.Lars: I agree with LouiseThomas: Personally fashion is not one of my biggest interests, but when it comes to my job I find it extremely exciting since it allows you to work with communication in many different ways. It is quite unique compared to the rest of the communicational industry.  What made you end up where you are today?Louise: Hard work, interest, curiosity and connections.Lars: A crazy amount of working hours and an understanding family.Thomas: Plenty of hours in front of a computer, plenty of books and a great amount of curiosity. We hope that you got to know the people behind LOW a bit more, and that you are just as excited as we are to see what the future brings for the three amazing minds behind. Have a great day!XX 9PR