in:in:in Event at 9PR

Hi guys Yesterday we had a busy day at the showroom! That because it was the time of year for our in:in:in Event which 9PR hosted together with Danish Fashion and Textile. in:in:in stands for inspiration, information, and innovation, and it is always exciting to hear what the speakers think the future has to offer, and which trends we have to follow. This year, we had Jakob Søndergaard and Anja Gaede, from SPOTT Trends & Business, speaking about what they believe the customer of the future demands, and how you as a business can accommodate your customer’s wishes. Next we had Senior Social Media Manager, Sedge Beswick from ASOS, speaking about social media and how much power social media has, and how much power you can get by using social media in a strategic way. 


At 9PR it is not an event without some delicious food! We got some gorgeous food from Danish Minies last night, and they made the cutest canapés.


foto 5

Vitamin Well had arranged for us to have some of their water with exciting flavors, and we love them all! And our guests certainly did as well.



Here Line and Nina are welcoming all of our guests together with Simon from Danish Fashion and Textile, and prepares them for an exiting night.


foto 1

All of the collections we usually have in the showroom were replaced with lovely people, and they were very occupied with listening to what the speakers had to say about social media and what we can expect from the future.

We had a really interesting and inspiring event, and the future looks very bright! Have a great day :)

Xx 9PR