Fall Nails Inspiration

Good afternoon beauty-lovers,  The seasons are changing and fall is here! A great nail polish is always a perfect way to spice up your outfit, and therefore we have selected a few nail must-haves for the new season. HEJ 2 1. A good manicure starts with a good hand cream! One of our favorites is the Herborist Handcream DKK 130, available in Sephora.2. Remove old nail polish with the Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover DKK 70. Super easy!3. The Sephora Instant Nail and Cuticle Care DKK 70, is fantastic for moisturizing the cuticles. Just dip your finger in the container and you are done!4.  Formula X The New Classics GrayMatter DKK 100, from Sephora. A dusty grey to match the fall vibes.5. Formula X LiquidCrystals Equinox DKK 120, from Sephora. A glittery red that is perfect for all the up-coming christmas parties!6. Sephora Express Drying Oil DKK 64, from Sephora.  A fast-drying oil that dries nail polish in 1 minute. It makes the nail polish shiny, instantly smoothes the nails and provides moisture for the cuticles.7. NARS  Jungle Red Nail Polish DKK 145 from Sephora. The perfect red!8. NARS Manosque Nail Polish DKK 145 from Sephora. A must have color for fall! 9. NARS Top Coat Nail Polish DKK 145 from Sephora. Finish of your manicure with a super shiny topcoat. This will make your manicure last for days without chipping!  We hope you feel inspired! <3  Have a fantastic afternoon,Lots of love,xxx 9PR