My secrets in Copenhagen

Hi guys, Now it's finally time for another “My Copenhagen” and this time our beautiful Showroom Coordinator Sofie has revealed her favorite spots in Copenhagen. Take a look below, and see which places she loves! 


Where do you shop the most?

It would be the most awesome to say Kassandra, but it turns out mostly to be H&M. However, I do love the universe in the Kassandra shop in Grønnegade, so it's definitely worth a visit.  

Do you have a favourite café or place?

If you know me well enough, you wouldn’t be surprised by my answer. It is definitely Joe & the Juice. I love everything about the concept. It is fast, there is a lot of gorgeous people and it tastes absolutely fantastic.  

Best Coffee-shop

Joe & the Juice – Try their Gingerlatte on soy milk, yum-yum!  Favourite drink – and where to get it?One of the coziest things to do before a lovely dinner out, is to get a glass of Cava at Cava Bar near Torvehallerne. Generally, I prefer cava, wine and champagne instead of drinks.  

Where would you go to get a nice dinner?

Ravage on Kongens Nytorv makes the best shellfish for starters. For a main course/entree, I would choose their 3 mini burgers, which besides being totally cute, tastes absolutely amazing.  

What would you choose to show a tourist visiting Copenhagen?

Of course all the mandatory things. But from there, I will show them Bakken and take a long walk through Dyrehaven and all the way to the Eremitage Castle.  

How would a perfect day in Copenhagen for you look like?

I would start out with a nice cup of coffee at Joe & the Juice with my girlfriends, as we often do. From there, I would go to Amager, and tickle my little cute nephew Villy on his stomach. If the weather is bright and sunny, I would go to the beach near Svanemøllen, and end the day with my boyfriend on the cosy little winebar Panzon at Østerbro.  

Where is your favourite neighbourhood in Copenhagen?

I love Østerbro. Probably mostly because I live there, but I think Østerbrograde has a lot of little fine shops, which I love spending a Saturday afternoon looking around in.   

Where in the city do you relax the most?

On my boat ”Bille”, which is in Rungsted Harbour. After a long day at the office, it is the best feeling of all to sail away. We often sail to Hven to eat dinner.   

What do you love about Copenhagen?

All the opportunities there is in Copenhagen. I'm originally from Jutland, and I did also live in Aarhus for a while. Aarhus is a very charming city, but you can do everything in Copenhagen. It is so awesome!  Stay tuned for next week where our Lifestyle Manager & Project Coordinator Cecilie is going to tell us about her favorite spots in Copenhagen.  Xx 9PR