Late Summer Beauty Musthaves

Hello beauty lovers,Have you just got back from holiday? Is your skin feeling a little dehydrated and your hair a bit unruly? No need to worry! We have a few solutions for you! :)As you probably already know, saltwater, chlorine and the sun can be damaging for both your skin and hair. Here are a few musthaves which your skin and hair will love you for!BLOG41. SAMPAR First Hand Cream from Sephora (DKK 220). One of our favorite, most moisturizing hand creams. The hand cream is also formulated without parabens..2. Herborist Reenergizing Cream from Sephora (DKK 265). Goodbye to dull and pale skin! Hello radiant, luminous skin! The active ingredients in this cream will absorb into your skin and deliver a concentrated skin care.Directions: Apply day/night after your cleansing routine..3. Karmameju Exfoliating Salt Balm, NOVA 02 from Self Care Shop (DKK 349). Karmameju's Exfoliating Salt Balm is a deep cleansing body treatment product which renews the skin. The balm is perfect for removing dead skin cells and can be used by even the most sensitive skin. The product also provides clarity and peace of mind. Finally, the scrub is a great way of maintaining your sun tan! We like!Directions: Apply to wet skin (or dry, if your skin is very dehydrated and flaky).Bonus info: The balm is also a musthave for pregnant women as it helps prevent stretch marks and reduces fluid retention..4. Sephora Instant Moisture Mask from Sephora  (DKK 75). Whenever our skin needs a moisture boost, this is our go-to product. In just 5-10 minutes, your skin will be looking smoother and your complexion is left glowing. The mask can be used for all skin types, even sensitive. Directions: To create the mask, just pour a packet into the included shaker, add water, and shake. Once it reaches a rich smoothie-like texture, apply to the face. Relax for 5-10 minutes and tissue or rinse off..5. Benefit Instant Comeback Serum from Sephora (DKK 370). This serum is for thirsty, tired and dehydrated skin. The serum is slightly firming and protects against the first signs of aging. Directions: Apply to clean face, as needed day or night. Use before day/night cream..6. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque from Sephora (DKK 369) This moisture masque is an intensive reconstructing treatment that revitalizes your hair. Just what your hair needs after a day on the beach!Directions: Apply the mask to towel dried hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse well with water..What are your favorite late summer beauty products? Let us know!.Have a fantastic day! <3XXX,9PR