Copenhagen Fashion Week: ADAX event!

Hi everyone <3 It's that time of year! That week where people put their best foot forward (although sore from the high heels), dress impecably and attend beautiful events. This week, otherwise known as Copenhagen Fashion Week, began Sunday with the opening of the biggest fair CiFF. At the office, we have been looking forward to this event for several months! It's the time of year where every fashionista and fashion interested men and women get the chance to really throw themselves into their profession and just get inspired! At the fashion fair CIFF our beautiful accessories brand ADAX hosted an event on Monday, where they presented their amazing SS15 collection. We love the new collection from Adax, which contains a mix of different beautiful pale and dusty colors. You should definitely look forward to get a chance to own one of these gorgeous bags, clutches or purses. foto 32014-08-04 11.04.512014-08-04 10.50.57-1The event started out with some delicious yogurt. We were so spoiled! The yogurts from The Yogurt Shop are so delicious and makes the perfect start on the day. 2014-08-04 11.05.43Line and Elles fashion editor Josephine Aarkrogh was having a good time at the Adax event, where they got the chance have a chat and catch up after their holidays. 2014-08-04 11.06.10Also Nina and Nanna Lindskow are having a blast looking at Adax' new Spring Collection. They were both very excited about the new collection from Adax, and the gorgeous colors. 2014-08-04 11.06.47-1Here are all the lovely girls from the fashion blog Insight. 2014-08-04 11.06.59Here are Nomi Tuwel and her assistant from Nordic Style Magazine, who have also looked forward to attending this years fashion week in Copenhagen. 2014-08-04 11.09.11Karla from IN was looking especially good at the Adax event.  It was such a lovely day and it was lovely to see all these people again! If you are so lucky to be attending this years fashion week, we hope you have enjoyed the first few days so far :)  Have a great day. xxx 9PR