My Secret Spots in Copenhagen

Hi you guys, It is finally time for another "My Copenhagen" and this time our sweet Showroom Coordinator Nina has revealed her favorite spots in Copenhagen. Take a look below, and see where you can get the best coffee in town. Nina

Where can you go to get the best brunch in Copenhagen?

At Toldboden, definitely. The surroundings are lovely and in the weekends you get the very best champagne brunch with everything your heart desires. There is everything from homemade Nutella, waffles with syrup to fresh prawns and other specialties. Remember to make a reservation though, because it is a very popular place to go for brunch on the weekends. 

Where do you love to go to get a drink?

A glass of Cava in Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District) is always a hit!  

Where would you go to have a beer?

I would have a “Høker” at Condesa which is a nice Mexican restaurant near Højbro Plads – they also make amazing and huge margaritas!  

Where would you go to get a great meal?

I'd have to say Condesa again. I love having dinner there, where you can have tacos and different kinds of food, where you get to eat with your hands. It's quite fun, when everybody looks silly while eating with their hands!  

What is your favourite coffee house?

Café Kaffe in Istedgade - the atmosphere is homy and cozy, the coffee is exceptional, and my dog Odie is always welcome!foto 2 (2)  

What would you choose to show a tourist visiting Copenhagen?

I would let them loose at Vesterbro, and tell them to go get lost in the lovely surroundings and enjoy the atmosphere.  

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Copenhagen?

I'd have to say Vesterbro again. I just love the sense of intimacy and the vibe when you take a walk around the neighbourhood. You can meet all kinds of people at Vesterbro and everyone are kind and open. I have never felt any bad blood in Vesterbro.  

What is your favorite spot in the city?

Toldboden. It’s by the water and you can sit with all your friends and hang out but also just lay on a sunbed by yourself right out by the water. AND they have great Cava, which is always a plus!  

What is the best part of your city?

EVERYTHING! I absolutely love my city. And in this season I love taking walks in the city centre while the sun is going down - the light is just perfect.  This can make me so happy.  

Do you have a hidden gem in the city we have to know?

Søndermarken. I have a dog, so I often walk by the old Carlsberg gates, and through to Søndermarken. It’s gorgeous and best of all; there are no cars - only silence and old huge trees.  . Stay tuned for next week where our Showroom Coordinator Sofie is going to tell us about her favorite spots in Copenhagen.  Xx 9PR