Do you guys love festivals as much as we do??

Summer is approaching fast and we love it. The sun is out and we can finally get a tan going. Summer also means FESTIVALS! At 9PR we are crazy about festivals but most of us are not going this year. BUT we have still chosen a few of our favourite styles for the upcoming festivals, so you guys can still get some inspiration. We have created two different outfits so that you can decide and choose depending on the weather.FJEANS from Five Units DKK 699. JACKET from Baum und Pferdgarten DKK 1699. T-SHIRT from AJ.117 Project DKK 699. BAG from Adax DKK 1999. SKATERS from DKK 200.BRACELET from Carré DKK 2300. EARRINGS from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 650. EARPLUGS from RebekkaRebekka DKK 400. LIP GLOSS from Nars from Sephora DKK 195.ff JACKET from Tusnelda Bloch Copenhagen DKK 6500. T-SHIRT from Gestuz DKK 400. SHORTS from Samsøe & Samsøe DKK 700. BOOTS from Amust DKK 999. BAG from Amust DKK 449. BRACELET from Carré DKK 950. BRACELET from Carré DKK 950. EARPLUGS from RebekkaRebekka DKK 450. RING from RebekkaRebekka DKK 500 . SUN BEAM HIGHLIGHTER from Benefit from Sephora DKK 205. NAIL POLISH from Formula X from Sephora. We hope you enjoyed our inspiration and of course that the ones of you going to festivals enjoy yourselves! Have a great day xxx 9PR