Friday Cravings

Happy Friday! :) The weather has been crazy good and summerly the last couple of days and here at 9PR our minds have set for summer. Tonight all of us girls are going out for dinner and we feel like wearing something breezy in light materials. We would love to wear this outfit in these beautiful colors. It might be to early with sandals, but they kind of completes the outfit and thats important too! Anyways we're looking forward going out and maybe have a glass of wine. Do you have any funny plans for the weekend too? :)fridaycraving140314 TOP from Costummade DKK 699. JACKET from Storm & Marie DKK 2199. PANTS from Costummade DKK 899. STILETTOS from Sergio Rossi DKK 5888 found at EARRINGS from Charlotte Lebeck DKK 1250 . CLUTCH from Adax by Carin Wester DKK 1299. We hope you'll have a great weekend everyone! :) <3