Friday Cravings!

Christmas is over, and that means that present wishes and gifts are long gone. This makes us sad here at 9PR, because it's not like we don't crave anything the following months, right? There are cravings for chocolate, sleeping in, gravy... the list goes on and on. And smart brains say that you can never have too much clothes, just too small of a closet! We agree, and to remedy the sadness, we have composed a list of Friday cravings for you.FinalWe just lovelovelove the print on the t-shirt from the Storm&Marie SS14 collection - it's both raw and feminine at the same time, perfect for a cool everyday-look. We would style it with a longlined kimono from Just Female and black textured slimfit jeans from FIVEUNITS. As for the accessories, we would complete the outfit with a pair of cool mens shoes in a muted color from Hugo Boss,  and an über feminine handbag from ADAX to complement the very menswear inspired look. All the styles will be available in stores in the end of February - start March. A girl can dream, right? ;)