New Brands at 9PR

In today's blogpost, you will learn about the happy launch of three new lifestyle brands in our showroom - we are so proud to present to you the lovely beauty products from Trine's Wardrobe, the classic, timeless and beautiful jewellery from Carré and lastly the cool and edgy jewellery from Charlotte Lebeck! We will take you through the three brands, the story and people behind, and why they are perfect for our showroom. Please read on, to find out where you can get your hands on the brands.Carre til blogFirst up is the beautiful jewellery from Carré. We are so excited to have the jewellery represented in the showroom. Carré is the product of one woman's passion of diamonds and luxurious stones. Her name is Shiri Haugbøl, and through family members who traded diamonds in Israel, Shiri was able to take the family trade to Denmark along with her love of fine jewellery, and thus launched her first shop in Copenhagen in 1994.Carre til blog 3We are in love with Carré's visual univers, which is just perfect for our showroom. It is both classic and timesless, but with inspiration gathered from curiosities brought home from travelling around the world, the final expression is personal and never boring!Carre til blog 1You can find the beatiful jewellery in Carrés own stores in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Århus and Ålborg, and if you want to learn more about the brand, click here.trineswardrobe blogNext up, is the lovely and parabene free  beauty products from Trine's Wardrobe. Many of you know the cool girl Trine Kjær from her blog and work as Assisting Fashion Editor at Cover Magazine, and maybe you also know her beauty products. If you don't - you should! Her series include hairmasks, shampoo, conditioner and the very popular Dry Shampoo.trineswardrobe blog 1... but also Saltwater Spray for that beachy look, hairspray to keep the locks in place and lovely Argain Oil Serum which is perfect for that extra love and care.trineswardrobe blog 2Trine's products has their place in our showroom side by side the other beauty products from Selfcare Shop. As written it is 100 % parabene free, and you can buy them in Matas and Sephora. Only the best for our 'wardrobe' here at 9PR.Til blog 1 charlotte lebeckLast, but certainly not least, we are happy to introduce an upcoming jewellery line designed by Charlotte Lebeck. Charlotte Lebeck was founded in 2012, and after many years of working in the fashion industry, the time was right to put her own name on the product - and boy are we happy that she did!Til blog charlotte lebeckWe just love the look of these items. They are both classic and edgy, detailed and raw, and fits perfectly in our accessory room, which has the same raw and edgy feel to it. Charlotte Lebeck states that jewellery is a reflection of your individual style and personality, and nothing in the design process is thus circumstantial. Each piece of jewellery - right down to the smallest details are designed by Charlotte Lebeck.Til blog 2 chalotte lebeckIf you want to get your hands on these pieces, you must go to the online shop, or visit the retail stores who sell the cool jewellery - find that list here. That was it for now, and we cannot wait to get to work with these lovely brands in the coming year! Have a fabulous day :)