All We Want For Christmas

Todays christmas wishes is from our new Lifestyle Manager Cecilie. She has chosen five beautiful things which you all can find on the links below.

Hope you get inspired and have merry christmas:)

Julegaveideer Cille31. First up is a dainty black and white printed picture from the talented MisseMai - It's the perfect gift for an interior junkie like me! Find it HERE

2. Secondly a beautiful transparent top from Just Female in black with big bombs on it - cool for both weekdays and party! Find it HERE

3. With my winter white skin, I certainly need some color on my cheeks and this beautiful creamy pink blush from Tromborg in the color "Misty Rose" will do just the trick! Find it HERE at the Self Care Shop.

4. I need a pair of simple black stilettos and these have just the right hight and pointy design - sooo chik! Find them HERE

5. With the harsh cold weather my skin needs a treat and after all the not so healthy christmas food, I bet a nurturing facial will do some anti damage! Find it HERE at the Self Care Shop.