Launch of The Old Barber Shop Jewellery.

Thursday the 7th was a busy day at 9PR. After the NEYE since 1881 by Jørgen Simonsen event, we had another event at Klarlund Jewellery on Østergade 22 in Copenhagen. This was the launch of Morten Barbré's jewellery line called The Old Barber Shop Jewellery.Morten Barbré is the owner of the tattoo shop The Old Barber Shop, which some of you might know from the tv show; Tattoo Salonen. Morten has always been fascinated by the exclusivness of a fine jewellery, and he put the fascination into action which has led to The Old Barber Shop Jewellery. It might seem like an odd couple - high end jewellery and the tattooed Morten Barbré, however when you think of it, Morten has a certain old world charm about him. Read on to see the jewellery line, and the pictures of the event.2013-11-07 19.06.47 (2)On a chilly autumn evening, the blue carpet was unfolded in front of Klarlund, and the mood was set with burning torches.2013-11-07 18.53.43 (2)Morten and his wife Hannah were ready to welcome all the guests at the event.2013-11-07 18.51.04 (2)The jewellery line is a perfect expression of Morten Barbrés individual vision and personality - it is an attempt to combine the raw with the refined, the modern with the old. All the jewellery are made from 18 kt gold and with top Wesselton VVS diamonds.2013-11-07 18.51.10 (2)The Love Ring, as you see above, is The Old Barber Shop Jewellery's interpretation of the old signet ring, where one could ingrave family alliances, family images etc. Here, the idea is that you can ingrave that personal story, line from a song or anything else that is privately between you and another person. The letters are so small, that you need a magnifying glass to read it, which means that the message can remain secret, only known by those you choose.2013-11-07 19.09.38 (2)A little red carpet action. Morten Barbré greeted all his guests with smiles and hugs. Read on to see who guested the event (which many many people did!)2013-11-07 19.15.23 (2)The sweet team from Cover attended the event to check out the cool jewellery line.2013-11-07 19.56.02Here are Ethilia from Georg Jensen, Brigitte from Hermés and stylist Anette Hvidt.2013-11-07 19.29.30 (2)The sweet bloggers Emilie Delance and Celine Albert also took the time to check out the new jewellery!2013-11-07 20.27.26 (2)Funda from the blog ByFunda brought her friend to the event.2013-11-07 19.42.27 (2)And of course, here is the team from The Old Barber Shop - Eliot, Morten himself and his best friend Jonas...2013-11-07 19.34.03 (2).. and also members from The Old Barber Shop, we have Maria and Dario.Mikkel Skipper og Virgil Nicholas  Mikkel Skipper from Gant Rugger, and Virgil Nicholas also showed their support. It really was a full house at Klarlund!2013-11-07 19.29.14 (2)Mie from WeWonder made the trip to Klarlund and is with our own Nina.2013-11-07 20.22.50Morten Barbrés wife Hannah brought her parents Ginnie and Bo, and they really look quite proud.2013-11-07 20.04.02 (2)CEO of Klarlund, Stig Andersen stood besides Morten Barbré all night, but we caught him with bubbles, and Pernille Møbjerg from Goldmind by his side.2013-11-07 19.52.43 (2)And then it was time for Morten to proudly present his jewellery line, with a most likely just as proud wife listening.2013-11-07 19.53.37 (2)Morten Barbré's design is produced by this cool looking guy - his name is Anton, and here he is presenting the production side of The Old Barber Shop Jewellery line.Fuldt husEverybody listened intently, and Klarlund was strecthed to its limits! Full house is an understatement.2013-11-07 19.44.44 (2)The event really was very successful and everybody was impressed by the jewellery. Besides everybody were all about smiles and laughs. Here we have Lene Nissen from Jyllandsposten with Nomi Tuwel from Nordic Style Mag caught in a moment of fun!2013-11-07 20.24.01 (2)The cool jewellery line is sold exclusively at Klarlund's, and if you havn't already seen the jewellery 'live', then hurry up and go check it out. It is an amazing view!