Medina by GOSH Launch

Yesterday, 9PR had a very exciting event at Nimb - the launch of the exclusive colab between the make-up company GOSH and non other than pop-star Medina. It has been a longlived dream for Medina to co-produce cosmetics and other beauty related products, and we are very proud to present this collaboration, which will hit Matas on Wednesday the 16th of October. Read on, to see the whos' and whats' at the event at Nimb, and get an idea of what the Medina by GOSH cosmetics series feels like.


We would like to begin with presenting the series - and here she is, Medina, proudly showing the many lovely products. GOSH and 9PR invited many beautiful people, and the following pictures will show you just that.


First, the hostesses of the event - our own Nina and Line along with team GOSH Bo Tjellesen and Christina Neméth.

The guests who joined us at Nimb were fashion and beauty journalists, fashion- and beauty blogs, celebrities, stylists and make-up artists. Enjoy!


Here, Trine Oehlenschlæger from Costume, Lily Silwer from the blog Beyond Black and Beauty editor at Costume Anne Mønsted, are looking great in front of the photographers.


SKØN magazine was also represented, by Cecilie and Cathrine.


From the blogs LionsandWolves and KimmieLicious we have Sarah Wulff and Kimmie.


Sofie from the blog HealthJunkie and Stine from AllThingsDapper.


Helene Skytte, Head of PR at Ganni guested the event, looking great in the Ganni velvet dress.


From Eurowoman magazine, beauty editor Sara Rostrup, along with Web editor Miriam Meyer.


Here we have the cool-looking Sarah Zobel.


Make-up artist Nicci Welsh also guested the launch of Medina by GOSH.


When all the guests had arrived, Medina and Bo Tjellesen presented the series and explained the thoughts behind the look of the products.

Medina explained that it was of utmost importance for her to be part of the process - hereby meaning the development of the color scheme, the fragrance, the feel of the product on your skin and lips, the look of wrapping etc. She also revealed, that the colors in the Medina by GOSH series, were colors she had always used in her own daily make-up routine, and that she was proud to launch and thereby put her name on a quality and affordable product.


Here she is, showing just how happy she is about her dream-come-true collaboration. This is the giftbox, which includes the deodorant, perfume and mascara. We cannot wait till the 16th!


Beautiful and stylish Medina with her Medina by GOSH perfume, which is called Perfect Drug.

Pssst.. Which is also the title of one of her songs. All of the other products in the series are also named after the titles of Medinas songs. That's cool!


Our own Kristine is having a chat with Mie from Wewonder and Helene from Ganni.


The beautiful women; Sarah Zobel, Medinas stylist Søs Børresen, owner of Lulu Henckel and actress Laura Christensen.


Bo Tjellesen with his children and the gorgeous Medina.

We at 9PR would like to thank all the people who guested our event, and made the evening and launch of Medina by GOSH a great success!