Styleicon: Elin Kling

Like so many others, we adore Elin Kling and her spot on casual and cool scandinavian style. We've found 3 looks that are very easy to copy - off course with styles from our lovely brands at 9PR. Below each picture you can click on the links and you will be redirected to the style - and a lot of them are on sale right now! To get a better look at the pictures, click on them to get a larger size.

Elink Kling 1

T-shirt: Gestuz 400 kr; Sunglasses: Won Hundred 1000 kr; Bag: Markberg 1699 kr; Jeans: Tiger of Sweden 1100 kr; Loafers: Storm & Marie 399,50 kr (on sale - before 799 kr)

Elin kling 3

Bag: HUGO 5299 kr ; T-shirt: Wonhundred 1000 kr ; Pants: Tiger of Sweden 720 kr (on sale - before 1200 kr); Shoes: Alexander Wang 2765 kr (on sale - before 3950 kr); Lipstick: GOSH 95 kr

Elin kling 2

Blazer: Tiger of Sweden 1960 kr (on sale - before 2800 kr) ; Shirt: Monsoon 579 kr; Jeans: Wonhundred 900 kr; Shoes: Roberto Festa from Notabene 1049 kr (on sale - before 1499 ); Bag: Alexander Wang from Notabene 5250 kr