this is 9

rooted in market communication and public relations within culture and society, 9 provides the full spectra of pr services and we act as a brand communication agency from denmark based in copenhagen. we connect the opportunities and challenges between physical and digital disciplines, and we are set out to challenge industry conventions.

at 9 we are curious and focused on 360-insights, data and high performance based on the philosophy; show the best of your brand. this is our foundation and inner values. it is proven, that among the business benefits of 360-insights and data-driven storytelling companies find a better conversion and roi.

in addition to this, a powerful depiction driven by relevant insights provide increased brand awareness and more importantly, brand loyalty which lead to building a data powered input and decision-making business.

at 9 we are obsessed with products, services and consumers.

with a deep understanding of society, culture and trends, we provide strategies and insights that connect brands to their audience in an efficient, relevant and meaningful way.

we create content, develop ideas and perform activities that put a brand or a topic at the center of the cultural conversation.

we continuously initiate and influence dialogue between brands, media, consumers and other stakeholders – in order to change people´s behavior and drive business and scale ecommerce opportunities.

at 9 we pace ourselves to build personal relations and create clarity, vision, understanding and agility of our clients; we listen, we react, we challenge, and we will make our clients successful.


we strive to win with the winners. and this is not only in denmark! we see the world as our playground, and with our close partnership with vass productions we can run local strategic and activations in the nordics.